Friday, May 11, 2007

Just a few more days...

...and my boyfriend Andis and my vacation to Fort Lauderdale / Florida will start. I can´t wait to get there again! I hope we´ll have a great trip! :o)I didn´t wrote much here but I was very busy. There´s so much to do - especially when you plan to go on vacation. But I found some time to be creative so I can share something new. Whoohoo! I made a box for my Big Picture-class "Goals 101". I really love the class! It´s great! I will write my goals on little LOs and put them inside.

The picture is aweful but I took them late yesterday and there was not enough light to take better ones. :o(
I also made a new LO. I´m not sure if I like it but I don´t know what to change maybe. So if you have any suggestions just leave a comment! :o)

I had to make a frame for a swap and was really late. But when I started it in the end it was so much fun that I did a second one for myself too. The day I did it I got my new stamps from Magnolia. Those stamps are really popular here in Germany at the moment. I bought that girl (her name is Tilda) and the fence. When I did the little scene I didn´t have any idea to make a greeting card with it. So it went into my frame. :o) I´m sure one day I´ll change the picture and make a card of it. But at the moment Tilda is feeling pretty fine in the frame on my desk! *lol*

The last things I can show are a few card I did. I need a lot of card for birthdays this month and these are the first ones. I know I don´t have enough cards right now but at least it´s a start! ;o)