Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New stuff

I can show you a lot of new stuff today! The first is the card I did for my friend Baka. She send my the scan another time since I deleted the last one instead of downloading it.

I used one of my new "postal"-stamps here. Right now I just love those kinds of stamps!

The second thing I could show is the little book I did for a german stamping-online-shop. It´s name is "Stempelburg" which could be translated "Stamp-Castle". That why I did a small castle-book for them with some of those stamps they sell. Here are some pics:



And here is a side-view. It´s hard to describe how that book is folded. ;o)

I had a lot of fun doing it but it was a lot of hard work too!
Here´s my LO for week 5 of "Summer of Scraplovin´"-Challenge at Scraplove. It was very hard to do because of the journaling. I´ve been thinking about sharing it or not. In the end I think there is nothing I need to be ashamed of...
Here´s a close look:

(supplies: Bazill bling, pp: Stamoin´ up!, HS ghostshapes, chipboard stars, Glue-pad from Tsukineko, glitter, Hero Arts buttons, stapler)
My dear child,
your are not born, I´m not even pregnant oder try to become pregnant but I´m writing you today. I would love to tell you something about my biggest wish: about you! As far as I could think it was my biggest wish to have you in my life. I dream about being marriaged und see you and your silblings grow up.I don´t like to talk about this wish because I´m ascrared that it may not come true. But I don´t wanna give up hope! I´ve been to the point sometimes where I thought that I never get to know you but as often as I did so hope comes back that this luck will come true one day.I don´t know what the plans are for my life but from the buttom of my heart I hope that you are a part of it and I´m happily looking forward to this! My love should always be by your side!

Last saturday I meet my "stamping-girls" from Hamburg. We had a swap started on our last meeting where everybody puts five different things in an envelope. I got the envelope from Nicole and here´s what was inside.
I´m not a big chicken-fan and I don´t like thoses frames very much too so this was a hard challenge for me. Just before our next meeting I had my idea and did this card for Nicole:
The last thing I could share is a LO I did yesterday. I wanted to scrap just for fun and when I came to this pic I knew this would be it.
(supplies: Bazill cs, pp: Chatterbox, sticker: Basic Grey, Making Memories & 7 gypsies, shape: Quickutz)
I´m not really satisfied with this LO. I think something is missing. Any help/suggestions?
Have a great day everbody! - Coni

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Convention in the Netherlands

Last weekend my sister Carola and I went to see our friend Elke who is living near the border to the Netherlands. Our friend Baka was there too and we had a great time spending the weekend together!

On Saturday we went to Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands to go to a convention. You can buy a lot of craftingstuff there - especially to do cards and since this year a lot of scrapbooking. We had so much fun! It´s always great to see and feel the stuff than to see it on internet. Surely I didn´t just look but buy something too! ;o)

We needed a rest so Carola and I sat down to do a little workshop. This cute card was the result:

In the evening the four of us sat down to do cards for each other. I did a card for Baka. She send me a scan of it but I deleted it instead of downloading it. *damn* If I get another scan I´ll show it...
I´ve been doing creative stuff lately as often as I could. I did something for a contest on a german stamping-online-shop which took quiete a while. But I finished it yesterday! *woohoo* I´ll show the pictures next week.
Today I´m going to start with the next LO for Scraploves "Summer of Scraploving". I already know what my LO will be about. And since I bought a lot of new stuff to play with (on the convention and online) I can´t wait to get home and start! I´ll just have to stop for my sewing-class tonight. But since I could upload till saturday I guess that´s no problem. :o)
In September there will be a stamping-convention. It´s called "Stempelmekka" and I´m really looking forward to it. Stampers from all over Germany will be there and so it´s a place to meet all the girls you just "meet" online during the year. Next saturday I´ll meet my "hamburg girls" and we are planning to do something with shrink plastic. I plan to make some pins to exchange them with other stampers on the Mekka. I guess I should think about the stamp I´ll choose to do them! :o)
Have a great day - Coni

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I did my next LO for the Summer of Scraploving-Contest at Scraplove. It was a hard job again for me. The challenge was to do a summer-LO using colors from summer and some bling. The pic also has to be related to summer. Choosing a pic was the hardest part! I don´t want to do another beach-LO because I would use blue with those. But to me blue is a typical winter-color too. I wanted to use some yellow and orange! After thinking about this I remembered the pics I had just taken on my last trip to the Baltic Sea. So here´s my next LO:

supplies: cs-Bazill & Colorbök, pp: Scenic Route, ribbon: AMM, stamps: Hero Arts (on flip flops), glimmerpaper, blingflowers, see-star, tools: Quickutz (mini-flip flops) and Cricut (Title)

journaling: Each year I take at least one trip to the Baltic Sea. Seeing the beach chairs by the sea and walking in flip flops I know it´s summer!

Here´s a close up on the title. I really like the shimmer!

Yesterday Monica (the owner of Scrapfreak) had her 40th birthday. To celebrate it each memer was asked to do a card and post it on her birthday-thread. I really loved this idea and did this card:

(supplies: pp-Basic Grey, ribbon-AMM, stamp: Stampin´up!)

I´ll will not post the next days. I´m going with my sister to visit a friend of ours! I guess I´ll be a lot of fun! :o) I had other plans for the weekend first but sometimes things just change.
Last but not least I wanna tell you that today is my boyfriends and mine 3rd anniversary! Thanks for everything, Boofi! I love you more each and every day! *hug*
Have a great day - Coni

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

With arms wide open

I wanted to blog earlier but was a little sad during the last days. So I didn´t want to blog. :o( But right now I decide that it´s going to get better! Just because I want it this way! *lol*
As I wrote in my last blogentry I could do a bonus-challenge for week 3 of the Summer of Scraplovin´-Contest at Scraplove. The challenge was to cut all papers, photos etc. in circles and the title had to be a songtitle. Andis idea was to use a pic of me we took in Florida and use the title "With arms wide open". I LOVE this song by Creed!

(supplies: cs-Bazill bling, pp-??, sticker-Creative Imaginations, Quickutz-alphabet Vixen)

I´ve been to my sewing-class last week again and finished another bag. It´s just a small one. When it was finished I thought that is was a little boring. So I sew that flower on it. I think this turns out really cute! I suddely knew what I should put in this bag. My Sweet bella blooms now have a new "home". :o)

Yesterday I saw at my LO "Zweifel" ("doubts") was choosen as LO of the week at Scraplove. This is such a huge honor to me since there are so many very talented scrapbookers around there! Thanks!

Ok, that´s it for today! Wish me luck that my sadness will fade. I wanna be happy again like I was last week. I´m not even sure why I´m sad but I feel like I did something totally wrong... Does anybody else has such feeling sometimes? Sometimes I think I´m a little strange...

Have a great day - Coni

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I did it!

As I wrote yesterday I had some trouble with the challenge for week three of the Summer of Scraplovin´-Contest at Scraplove. The challenge said that I have to use three photos, three different patternd papers, three different embellishments, three circles and at least three sentences of journaling. That was a lot of stuff I´ve never done before! But it was a *challenge*, right? So I thought about it for the last days. Although I had time to scrap I didn´t have an idea. Yesterday I decided to just start and look want comes up. When I start I still had problems and I still had no idea when I look through my pics and my stash. Than Andi came and seing me so disappointed he give me the start I was looking for (he told me to browse the internet to look for sketches...)! Just about an hour later my LO was done. Right after that start I had no problems any more! *woohoo* And best about it: I like the result! :o) Here it is:

(supplies: pp: Basic Grey, Creat Paper, Scenic Route, chipboard: Maya Road, flowers: Prima, brads: Stampin´ up!)
Journaling: After beeing alone for such a long time it was sometimes difficult to adapt to somebody else. Thanks to your support and maybe to the distance we first had I did it step by step. Today we live together and common disicions are usual now. It becomes a we from a me because of you!
There is a bonus-challenge this week to get some extra points. All pp, photos, cs... have to be circles and the titel should be from a song. I could use all embellishments I like to use. After I manage the last one I think I´ll do this one too. And surprisingly I already had an idea. When I told about the bonus-challenge to Andi he came with his idea about this at once! And I like his so much that I´ll try this first! :o) So, watch out! There´s more on the way! My mojo is there!!! :o)
Have a sunny day - Coni

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Two more...

As I said my mojo is here! That´s why I made two more LOs! :o)
The first one I did because I like the photo so much. We were so relaxed when our vacation to Fort Lauderdale was finished. The picture was taken when we´ve already been at the New York airport to leave to Hamburg.

(supplies: cs: bazill, pp: American Crafts, rub-ons: American Crafts, flowers: prima, sewing maschine, cricut)

Journaling: "I love this picture because we are looking so relaxed. Two weeks in Florida obviously have been well to us."

(supplies: cs: Die cut with a view, pp: Scenic Route & ??, sticker: 7 gypsies, rub-ons: Sassafras, Quickutz)

Journaling: "For a long time I thought that there is nobody fitting to me and that I will live my life alone without a partner. I´ve been disappointed way to often. Then Andi joined my life and took all my doubts step by step from me. After almost three years we love each other now I know that it was worth all the waiting." Title: Doubts

I punched the holes in the paper myselve to make it look like it´s from a notebook. I always wanted to try this and think it looks great!

I guess today I need to start with the next task for the Summer of Scraplovin´-Contest. This weeks challenge is a hard one to me since one of the tasks is to use three photos. That´s more than I usualy use! I still have no idea but I guess I should just start and look what comes up.

Have a great day - Coni