Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cards with papertrees

My lovely friend Nicole showed me an idea she saw at the Splitcoaststampers. I loved the idea so much that I wanted to try this immidiatly. Here´s my first try:

It was so much fun and much more easy than I thought! So I just did a second one with Stampin´Up!-stuff to show them to the guests of a SU!-party. ;o)

Here´s a close-up:

I guess I´ll do some more of these cards for christmas. It´s easy and fun! And right now I´m looking for some more stuff I could try! I love to try something new. So if you have any suggestions: please share! :o)
I need to share my excitement! :o) I´m a big country-fan and I love the music from Garth Brooks. He isn´t very popular here in Germany but a few years ago I saw him on TV and since then I´m a fan! :o) It was very quiet for the last years and that´s why I´m really happy that there is a new CD/DVD out now! It´s a best of with two CD´s and one DVD. Each CD comes with 17 songs (4 new ones!!!) and the DVD has 33 videos. I really LOVE this album!!!

I just wish he would do a concert here in Germany where I could go!!! *dreaming*

Have a great day! - Coni

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little christmas-tree and a box

I´ve been creative today. *woohoo* It´s fun since I didn´t found a lot of time lately. I hope I could play more often again. I really missed this!

Next saturday I will do my first Stampin Up!-workshop. I´ve been thinking about the make & take I could do and decided to do a little gift box with the girls that join. I´m really happy that my dear friend Nicole will be the hostess and the guests are some of my firends too! ;o) I hope they like the little idea I had:

Another thing I did today was this cute little tree. I saw the idea in some blogs and really liked it. When Andi showed it to me too I decided that it´s time to give it a try.

It was a lot of fun and I like the result. The paper I choose is from Cosmo Crickets "Wonderland"-series and it´s called "Sleigh Ride". I really love it! I picked it from Andis online-shop "Stempelzoo". Sometimes it´s really nice to have a boyfriend that has a scrapbooking/stamping-shop! *lol*

The last thing I did was another christmas-card. I used another paper from that Cosmo-line for it. :D

Have a great day!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving & christmas cards

Although it´s not usual in germany Andi wanted to try to cook a turkey. So he invites my sister Carola last friday and they both cook together. I can tell you it smells sooo yummy! Here´s a pic when everything was done and we start eating:

Doesn´t that look delicious? And believe me: it was! :o)

On saturday I meet some friends and after our trip to IKEA we were creative. I did some christmas-cards. I used the new hÄnglar & stÄnglar and the new Magnolias I got last week. They are all so adorable! I´m so happy I got them! :o)

Since 1 1/2 week Stamping Up! started in Germany and I became a demo. *yeah* I really LOVE their stuff and I´m so happy they are availible in Germany now!
I got my demo-stuff and some more I ordered last week and did my first card with it to show at the parties I´ll do.

Those snowmen and the great word-stamps are so cute! I really love this set! :o) I have some more ideas with them so I´ll definatly make some more cards with them!

Have a great week! - Coni

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I finally did the wedding-invitations! I had the idea for the cards for a while now and also the stuff I need for them. Don´t ask me why it took so long to finally do them!

I guess we are done now with our preparations for the wedding. There´s just a little left but all the important stuff is finally done! I didn´t expect so much work with this but I´m happy now that it´s done. And I hope we´ll have a great time at our wedding. I can´t believe it´s just three more weeks! Sometimes this makes me really excited and I couldn´t imagine to be a wife. But I guess it will happen nevertheless! ;o) We are just hoping that there will be no rain or storm on our day. I need some great pics! *lol* So wish me luck! :o)
Have a great day! - Coni

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I´ve been to the Netherlands last saturday. We went there to join the Mini-Scrap-a-Ganza. It´s a weekend filled with scrapbooking workshops. I could just join for one day again but it was as great as the times I´ve been there before!

We started at 4:15 am and arrived there just in time to sign in and then went to our first workshop. It was a class teached by Jen Starr using Creative Imaginations and Ranger-Products. It´s a kind of sign you could hang on your wall to count the days down till x-mas. I really like the project but I think I need to change it a little because I didn´t like the paper and some other stuff that much. That´s why I didn´t finish it. But I promise myselve to do it before december! :o)

The next project was a workshop from "Queen and Co". We decorated a cute pillow with their felt-borders, flowers and some bling. I need to add some more bling befoe I could show you my pillow! ;o)

In the afternoon we did two make & takes. The first one was this cute doorhanger:

The next was a chocolate-bar we wrapped and made a tag for it. Right after I finished it I gave it to Andi as a little gift! :o)

The third class was about decorating tins for cookie. I alomist finished one. *lol* The second one I didn´t even start - and we weren´t supposed to do so. I didn´t like the papers - again. I guess my style right now is differnet from the stuff they use in the workshops... But I don´t mind! I change the papers at home! ;o) But I loved that they gave us some cookies for our tins at the end of the class! :D

The last class was teached by Karen Burniston. It was a transparency album. Again I didn´t like the papers and I think I´ll do my album very differently. But I don´t mind again! Karen was a great teacher, had some great advices and was really nice! I love her humor!!! :o)

It was a great day and I really had a lot of fun!!!
I bought so much great stuff at the shops at the SAG I didn´t thought of getting there! *woohoo* I f.e. got a bind-it-all and a stamp by stampingbella! And I bring home some bottles of stickles! :o) I love stickles but never had many of them. We used them in three of the classes and I bought some more. :o) So I stamped the cute bella on sunday and used my new stickles to do this card. Unfortunatly you couldn´t see the bling on the scan.

Last week before I went to the SAG I did a card with one of the cute Whipper Snapper stamps I just got. Isn´t that little ballerina a cutie??? I love her legs and her cute little belly! :o)
Have a great day - Coni

Monday, November 5, 2007

Lazy weekend

We´ve been lazy last weekend and it was just GREAT! There was so much to do to prepare the weeding lately. But this weekend was just lazy. I fould some time to become creative and scrapped and stamped a little.

I made this card just for fun. I guess I´ll use it as a birthday card or a RAK. I´ll see! :o)
After I finished this card I realized that I should start with some christmas-cards. If I want to send all people on my "list" a card I need to do a LOT of cards! We´ll see if I could do this. Here are my first two cards for this season:
After I started doing them I worked on my BIG Picture-class "Crazy about kits". Last weeks lesson was to do a page-kit on our own. I choose my stuff and when I looked at it I realized that maybe doing the x-mas-cards influenced me. :D So here´s what I did:
This is my first 6x12´´-LO. It was really fun so I guess I´ll do more of them!
The next day I worked on this weeks task. It was about putting a kit together for an album. I decided to to this for my Florida-vacation-album. I´m a little stuck with this project one so I thought this might help. I started to bring the pp together and when I was done I choose to do my "dedication"-LO for it. Here it is:
(journaling: This album should remind us about our first vacation together that we both choose as one of our favourites ever!)
I needed a babycard . So this is the last thing I´ll show for today. I hope the reciepient will like it:
Guess the gender of the baby! *lol*
Have a great new week! - Coni