Thursday, November 22, 2007


I finally did the wedding-invitations! I had the idea for the cards for a while now and also the stuff I need for them. Don´t ask me why it took so long to finally do them!

I guess we are done now with our preparations for the wedding. There´s just a little left but all the important stuff is finally done! I didn´t expect so much work with this but I´m happy now that it´s done. And I hope we´ll have a great time at our wedding. I can´t believe it´s just three more weeks! Sometimes this makes me really excited and I couldn´t imagine to be a wife. But I guess it will happen nevertheless! ;o) We are just hoping that there will be no rain or storm on our day. I need some great pics! *lol* So wish me luck! :o)
Have a great day! - Coni


My Paper World said...

They are beautiful! Your guests will love them!

Kate said...

Those are beautiful invitations!!! So exciting!

Suzy said...

Those are beautiful Coni! I am so excited for you!