Monday, July 30, 2007

Creative mojo

I love to stamp and scrap and lately my creative mojo is back again! I have so many ideas and I find the time to be creative. *woohoo* It started with the online crop at Scrapfreak and since I´m doing the Summer of Scraploving-Contest at Scraplove I feel more and more creativity coming up! :o) That´s why I could share a lot of new stuff here!
I start with the second LO I did for the contest. The challenges name was "supersize it!" and we had to use a big picture. Also we had to do a title with just one word and use our own handwriting. Since I often use big pictuers I thought of challenging myself using a 12x12´´-pic. Here´s what I come up with:

(supplies: Bazill bling, MM grommits, 7 Gypsies-chipboardletters, stamps: Autum Leaves (doodles) and Penny Black (on chipboard), Around the blog-clips)

I used a pic I took myself with my arm streched out! I think it came out very nice. :o) Just after I finished it and wanted to do another LO. I love this picture of Andi!!!

(supplies: Bazill bling, pp: Paper Adventures & Scenic Route, American Crafts-ribbon, sticker: LaBlanche (squares) & Stampin´ up! (flowers), rub-ons: Marcella by K ("my true love") & Creative Imaginations (Date))

I always wanted to do a weekly DT-challenge from Scraplove and so I choose one yesterday when I started scrapping again. I love the colors that where used as inspiration - especially because I don´t use them often. I took a sketch from PageMaps (I love their sketches!!!) and just start. Here´s the result:

(supplies: Bazill cs, pp: Scenic Route, sticker: 7 gypsies)

The journaling is about our love for sweet snacks! ;o)

I´ve been stamping some cards lately too. I needed some of them for birthdays and some I did for swaps.

I hope my mojo will stay for a while because I really love getting so much done! It makes my feel better and I´m more relaxed! :o)

Have a great day - Coni

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sewing success

I always wanted to learn how to sew. I´ve done some sewing on my LOs or cards already but I thought that it would be fun to know more about sewing. That´s why I joined a class where I should learn it. It started last week. Before it I had to choose an "easy"-pattern I would love to try. I decided to do a bag first and started doing it in this class. I´m the only person there that´s a starter. Most members were there for quiet a while. The atmosphere in this class is really great and the teacher is very good. She describes everything great and helps whenever she is needed.
Yesterday was my second visit and what should I say: my bag´s already done!!! *woohoo*
Here is a picture:

Inside it is pink. I`m really proud of me! It´s my first thing I´ve sewn on my own and I think it turns out quite well!

Have a great time - Coni

Thursday, July 26, 2007


As I already told you I joined the Summer of Scraplovin´-Challenge at Scraplove. We get a challenge each week for the next eight weeks. Week ones challenge was to use three office-supplies on a layout. I decided to use paperclips, a calendarpage and staples. I´m not that happy with this Lo but I have no idea what I should change so I left it like this.

The second challenge is to use a supersized picture, just one title word and my own handwriting. I just ordered a big picture and I hope I´ll get it just in time to do the challenge with it!

As I had already started doing a LO with a scrapbooking-celebrity I choose to do a second one. This time it was from the workshop teached by Karen Russell. I like this LO a little more. The scalloped papers from Karen Russell are so much fun!

Have a great day everybody - Coni

Monday, July 16, 2007

Pyjama-Crop at Scrapfreak

There was an online-crop last weekend at Scrapfreak and it was so much fun. I really did a lot of creativ stuff and I guess it would have even been more if the weather here in Germany weren´t that well (I just had to go outside a little yesterday. The last weeks here felt more like fall and now it´s summer again!) Woohoo!
But I get a lot of things done. This is a coasters-minialbum. I choose to make it about my family because thoses people are very important to me.

Another thing I did were some cards that I made from the given sketches. I liked those sketches a lot! I´ve never used a sketch for a card before but since it´s been so much fun I´m sure I´ll do it again!

There were also some great challenges for layouts. Here are those two LOs I made. The first one is digital. It´s made with a given template:

The second one is a paper-LO.

The picture isn´t very good. In natural the paper fits to the red shirt of my sister. :o(

This crop really was fun and it brings my creative mojo back! Seems like I need somebody telling me what I have to do to get me started. Sad, isn´t it? ;o)

Today I hope to start with my LO for the "Summer of scraplovin´-Challenge" at Scraplove. I already have an idea!

Have a great day! - Coni

Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Play ball"

It´s time to show some creative stuff again. I meet my friends Eva, Elke and Baka last weekend and we took some time to stamp together. We had a great time and I hope we´ll meet again soon! I did a card there with my new Happy Hoppers and my new Hero Arts-Borders. I needed to buy the Hoppers because Andi watched a lot of baseball when we´ve been in Florida and I love this sport too. I´m really sorry that there´s not a lot of baseball on TV here in Germany. And aren´t those bunnies cute???

On our vacation I did another LO. I just finished it yesterday. I just needed to sew the buttons. I don´t like it if buttons are just adhered to the LO. Don´t ask me why. It´s just like that! :o) It´s a very simple and clean LO. I just LOVE that pic of Andi and those monkeys!

I hope to get some more things done soon! I´m in a creative mood all day long. But the moment I got the time to be creative the mojo is gone. :o( Does this happen to you too? But at Scrapfreak there will be an online pyjama-crop on friday and saturday. I will try to do as much as possible and I´m really looking forward to this! Another thing that I´m going to do is the "Summer of Scrap-Lovin´"-Challenge at Scraplove. Staring on sunday there will be a challenge each week for the next eight weeks. I can´t wait to see what our first challenge will be! I guess all this will get me going!

Have a great day - Coni

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harry Potter preview!

We had the luck to see the the new Harry Potter movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the phonix" yesterday in a pre-preview. My boyfriend Andi won the tickets at a german newspaper. I am a big Harry Potter-Fan so I was really happy. I was sure that this is true when I held the tickets for the event in my hands!
I really love the new movie too! If you liked the previous movies you´ll like this one too! I´m sure! It´s sad that a lot of the stuff written in the book isn´t seen on screen but I guess that´s impossible. I like the new person Tonks a lot and would have been loved to see more from her. But I enjoyed everything though! ;o)
Now I will start to read the sixth book (Harry Potter & the halfblood prince) again and can´t wait to get book seven on the 21st of July. Andi already ordered it for me! :o)

My LO "Stolz / Proud" from the last blogentry was "LO of the day" at Scrapfreak! I´m so proud and feel so honored! There a so many amazing scrappers over there and my LO was choosen! That rooks and motivates me! Thanks!

Have a "charming" day! :o)

Thursday, July 5, 2007


In my last entry I promised to show the little bag I made on my workshop last sunday. So here it is:
I did it a little different than it was teached in class. But that´s something I often do. :o)
I´ve been working on a LO the last days. I recognized that in my albums I don´t have much about those people that are important in my life. That´s why I decided to do a page about my mom.
The journaling is on a tag that is hidden behind the picture:
The title of the page is "PROUD to be your daughter". In my jourmaling I describe why I love my mom and why I am proud to be her daughter. You know I thing my mom is the best mom! ;o)
Btw. did you see this shop: By design scrapbook boutique I know everybody posted about it but it really is awesome! I just wish I could vistit that store one day!
Have a great day - Coni

Monday, July 2, 2007

Workshop with Karen Russell

I was to a workshop-day with Karen Russell yesterday and it was just great! I love the stuff Karen creates for Creative Imaginations a lot and she is such a nice person! I had so much fun just listening to the stories she told!
She first tells some stories about herselve and how she started scrapbooking. She had some of her LOs with her to show. They were really beautiful and there were so many things to discover on them and she gave a lot of tipps along the way!

The first project we did was a LO were you could turn up a part of it to hide the journaling or more pictures. The special thing about it was a bag (for more photos or other stuff) that is hiding in this flap. Karen used a 12x4 picture. I didn´t have that kind of pictures so I choose two pics of my boyfriend.

The next project was something to show how to use many photos on a LO. And those pics don´t have to be the same size and don´t have to be all black and white OR colored. I choose just colored pics because I didn´t find the time to develpoe black and white ones too.

On the right side of this LO is a flap too. On both LOs we used Karens great new stuff and the fabulous overlays from her! And I absolutly adore her new scalloped papers! They are so cute!!!
Karen explaines everything step by step and you get enough time to complete everything. And she explaines how to created your page protector to show all the specials on the page without getting the LO out of the page protector every time you wanna look at it. I just didn´t do the journaling but I will add it the next days!

In the afternoon we created a little purse for a minialbum. That class was teached by Heike Lenz, a german shop-owner. That was fun too. I´m really sorry that I forgot to take a picture! *shame on me* I will take it tonight and post it!
I really had a wunderful day - lots of fun, meeting great people (known and unknown) and learning a lot!
Have a great day!