Friday, July 27, 2007

Sewing success

I always wanted to learn how to sew. I´ve done some sewing on my LOs or cards already but I thought that it would be fun to know more about sewing. That´s why I joined a class where I should learn it. It started last week. Before it I had to choose an "easy"-pattern I would love to try. I decided to do a bag first and started doing it in this class. I´m the only person there that´s a starter. Most members were there for quiet a while. The atmosphere in this class is really great and the teacher is very good. She describes everything great and helps whenever she is needed.
Yesterday was my second visit and what should I say: my bag´s already done!!! *woohoo*
Here is a picture:

Inside it is pink. I`m really proud of me! It´s my first thing I´ve sewn on my own and I think it turns out quite well!

Have a great time - Coni


Michelle said...

Beuuuutiful! I've always wanted to learn too!!

Kate said...

Awesome Coni! It's beautiful!

Jennifer said...

So adorable! I'm not one to sew but my BF quilts. Such a great hobby. I love the bag!!!