Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last September I bought the fourth book from Lisa Bearnson. It´s filled with challenges and lots and lots of scrapbboking-ideas and examples for LOs. I really love this book.

Something special about Lisas books is that there is all you need to do a mini-album included. Last weekend I took the time and did this album. Almost anything is prepared. You "just" have to glue everything down and do the journaling. This mini-album is about "daring to be yourself". So the journaling is very personal and I ´will not share most of it here! ;o) But I can show some of the opposite sides that gives you an idea of what the book looks like. I added some stamps to make it more individual.

The frontpage just needed a pic of me! :o)

The pages are marked with tabs for each section of the book.

This is the first page. It describes in short words who I am today.

And here are some more pages:

It was a lot of fun doing this album. I hope to do another one soon. I already have another one waiting for me! :o)

Have a great day! - Coni

Friday, January 25, 2008


Last wednesday came some new Stampin Up!-stuff to play with! :o) I chose a scrapbooking-kit for LOs. I really love how all their stuff fits together and that it´s easy with Stampin´Up! to coordinate with the other stuff they have. Everything matches. It´s easy to do a LO with a kit because you don´t need to search your stuff and that´s something I love on some days! :o)

I did another wedding-LO! I guess it´s because I have more than 500 pics of our wedding and it´s hard to decide which ones to scrap. ;o) And those pics are a great memory for us too! I still love to be a newly-wed!!! :o)))


It´s a simple LO again but I think the pics along with the quote speak for themselves. And I didn´t add anymore journaling because I think a wedding-album doesn´t need that much journaling. There isn´t that much to tell and sooo many pics! :o)

Have a great day! - Coni

Thursday, January 24, 2008


As I said yesterday I did my first Valentines-card for this year. I plan to do some more and give them to family and friends. This will be the first time I´ll do this but I´m in the mood so I just do it! :o)

I started with the leftovers of my "Summer Girl"-LO and choose the stamp. It´s from Penny Black. But when I was finished coloring the image I decided to use another paper and another ribbon! That´s what happens to me often...

I´m sorry for the bad pic. I scanned the card but because of the knot it´s blurry on the left side. :( And the colors are fitting in real life too! I have problems taking photos because when I get home after work it´s already dark again (like in the morning when I leave). Maybe I should exchange all pics in spring when the daylight fits! *lol*

Tonight there is an Open Night hosted by Stampin´Up! Germany. I´ll go there with some friends and I´m curious to see what´s waiting for us! I´ll tell you! :o)

Have a great day! - Coni

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Summer girl

While I still wait for snow I found this pic of my niece yesterday. It´s so cute and one of Andis favorites! She looks so happy laying in the grass while the sun shines!
When I saw the new American Crafts-ribbon we just got for the Stempelzoo I couldn´t resit doing a LO.

Close ups:

I think it turns out really cute. :o) And believe me: our niece IS a cutie! :o)

Now I still have pieces of the pink paper and ribbons left-overs on my desk. I´ll look for a fitting stamp to do a valentines-card with it! I´ll show when I´m finished! :o)

Have a great day! - Coni

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No snow

This winter I still wait for snow! There has none been in sight so far! :o( So I grabbed pics I took in the beginning of the year and did this LO yesterday:

Close ups:

The pics were taken on a beautiful morning after mists where all over the country. When it faded it got very cold and everything freezed. It looked so beautiful!!! But there still was no snow. I will keep on waiting for it to come (I LOVE snow) and winter still isn´t over, isn´t it? :o)

Have a great day! - Coni


The Stampin´Up-Workshop was canceled spontanously. I was very sorry but I had a great afternoon with my friend Nadine instead! :o)

Before I got to her, I went to a small german stamping-shop near by. There was an advertisment that all chrsitmas-stamps were on a 50% discount. I *needed* to check it out! ;o) I got two cool new stamps on sale (and some more stuff ;o) )! *woohoo* I needed to use the first stamp (from High Hopes) immidiatly and did this card on sunday:

I don´t think it´s a typical x-mas-stamp but it was on sale so I didn´t mind! ;o)

Friday, January 18, 2008


At the Stampin´Up-workshop tomorrow I want to do a Make & Take again. I decided to make a little stamped gablebox. I think those boxes are really cute and a great way to wrap small gifts (like candy, embellishments or jewelery *lol*).

This is my try I did yesterday evening. I hope the guests like the idea and I´m curious to see what they do with their boxes! I´ll tell you! ;o)

Have a great start into a hopefully awesome weekend! - Coni

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amy Butler-bag

Yesterday I went to my sewing-class again. I hadn´t been there in december but now we are back on track and sew every thursday again. I finished an Amy Butler-bag I started in november. I did a bag with this pattern before but I wanted to give it another try because to top of the back wasn´t the way I wanted it.

I really love the stuff Amy Butler does! I would have loved to use one of her cool fabric too. But I couldn´t get some in time for a good price. So I used some patchwork-fabric and I think it works well! :o)

Now I need to decide what I´m going to sew next. I have no idea but I´m thinking about something for home-dekor. I´ll see! ;o)

Have a great day! - Coni

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Stampin´Up!-stuff

I´ll do another Stampin´Up-workshop next weekend. So I decided to do some more examples. The last ones I did where for christmas and I guess christmas isn´t that stuff the guests wanna see now! *lol*

I did two cards and a LO. I had some problems when I started so I surfed the www first for some ideas. Fortunalty I found some and did this card with the "simply said"-stamps first:

I saw a card like this on the net but didn´t remember where. :o(

When I was finished I thought about useing the "office"-stamps next. I always wanted to do a card with them. I guess it´s something differnet to those cards I usually do again! I still need to try new stuff!

I used the spiral-punch here for the first time too! I didn´t know why it took so long. I really love it and have it for some time now. The tab-punch I used more often... And I´m sure it´s the first time I used the colorcombination lightblue/ochre. I think it works! ;o)

The last thing I did was this LO:

It was the first time I stamped so much on a LO. It was fun and I think I should do this more often. This way I don´t have to decide if I´m going to stamp or scrap too! *lol*

I hope my friend that hosts the workshop and her guests will like my stuff!

Have a great day! - Coni

Monday, January 14, 2008


At Scraplove each week there is a challenge from Elsie Flannigans "52 challenges". I always wanted to do one of this challenges but almost never did it. This week they announced that there is a contest and with each week you join you´ll get points. The person with most points in June will get a price. I love contests so I thought that maybe this will get me going.

When I saw this weeks challenge I imidiatly knew which picture I could use and what I´m going to do. The challenge was to use one (or more) of your silly pics. So I started right away scrapping this pic.

I love this pic of Andi. I know most of the people just like eating their cottoncandy (like I do!!!) but this day Andi enjoys to make silly stuff with it. The jornaling reads: You are always good for a joke and love to make me laugh! (Title: nonsense) Andis humor is one of the reasons why I love him so much!

Have a great new week! - Coni

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New banner

I changed the blog-banner today. I wanted something different. And with dh´s help (ok, he did the complete pc-part *lol*) it turned out great I think!

I hope you also like it! Have a great sunday! - Coni

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mother of the bride

I finally got an order from the States this week. It was some Scrap-stuff and there were some more stickles inside! Did I mention that I LOVE stickles??? I got six more colors so now I have twelfe but I still have some more on my wishlist. *rofl* Wanna see them?

So maybe there´s a lot of glitter on my stuff from now on! ;o)

I finished a new LO today. It´s another one for our wedding-album. I love this pic of my mom and me. That´s why it´s on of the first pics I scrapped.

Have a great evening! - Coni

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another challenge...

My friend JayJay told me about another challenge-blog that just started. It´s from three DT-members from Magnolia. But you don´t have to use a Magnolia-image. Here´s the link to the blog: IZMAKI

And here´s what I´ve done with the first sketch:

I used a High Hopes-image that I got from Katharina. I really like High Hopes-stamps but right now I´ve decided not to go shopping. I still have so many new stamps that I´ve never used and I´ll spend my money. We are going to the States in the end of April and I guess I could use my money there! ;o)

There´s a third challenge-blog I would like to do this week too. I guess I´m addicted! But I´m not sure if I´ll do it tonight. Maybe I´m going to scrap. And I just started a new class at Big Picture Scrapbooking and there´s some homework to do. I´ll tell you more about it when I´ve done something I could show you! ;o)

Have a great day! - Coni

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I promised to show the other cards I did last weekend. So here they are.

First I wanted to do a card for a snowflake-swap I joined. I started but never was satisfied and didn´t feel any creative juices floating. It took HOURS before I got something done. :o( I hate it when this happens! But with the help of some stamping-friends I finally did my card:

Unfortunaltly the colours look way different on the scan than they are in real life. Tildas dress is purple and the whole image is coloured! And the card isn´t that brownish. It´s purple! I´ll see if I could take a better pic later...

After this card I wanted to try the Spellbinders I got for christmas. I used my favorite Elzybells again because the Elzybells caused my wish for those shapes! ;o)

There is some glitter on the snowflakes but it isn´t possible to see them on the scan. Maybe I should take pics with my cam and don´t scan them...

The last card was done on sunday. My sister Carola brought her latest Paper Crafts-mag with her when she came over. I really LOVE that mag but unfortunatly my subscription wasn´t renewed first so I´ll miss some issues. But I´ll get it again soon I hope! :o)

There was one card I liked so much and I lifted it imidiatly! I know it looks different now but the sketch is almost the same. ;o)

I used wintercolours because I´m still waiting for snow! I haven´t seen any this winter so far but I would love to!

I´ll plan to be creative again tonight. A friend of mine (JayJay) told me about another new challenge-blog and I think I´ll give it a try too. There are a few more projects on my mind so I just hope that I will not waste my time again like I did last saturday!

Have a great day! - Coni

Monday, January 7, 2008

Magnolia-Challenge Blog

Katharina mentioned a new challenge-blog for Magnolia-stamps. I was curious and liked what I saw. So I decided to give it a try and make a card! If you want to check it out too, here´s the link: Tilda & Co Challenge Blog

The first challenge was doing something with "flowers". I thought that I could handle it! *lol*So here´s what I did:

It was so much fun! I´ll check the blog again and hopefully do another card!

I´ll scan the other cards I did last weekend tonight and promise to show them tomorrow!

Have a great evening! - Coni

New cards

I can´t believe the weekend is already over! It was way to short! So it´s Monday again and I had to stand up early to go to work. But I was creative this weekend again. I wanted to do a lot of new stuff but unfortunatly my creative mojo was lost for some time. So I didn´t do that much. :o( But never the less I could share two new cards today. I did some more but didn´t take pics so far. I´ll share them later.

The first card I did for a snowman-swap. I wanted to do a round card for a while now and I wanted to do a wintercard without the typical soft blue I´ll use most of the times. So here´s what I come up with:

I used Stickles again to make the glitter. I LOVE stickles! :o)

I still love to try something new. That´s why I imidiatly like the Thomas Kinkade-stamps. :o) It´s something different! I like his pics a lot - even if they are VERY romantic! Hey, I´m a newly wed! *lol*

I used my Stampin Up!-stuff to do the card. I like the coordinated stamppads and cardstocks. I used "old olive" here and just mixed it with white.

Have a great new week! - Coni

Friday, January 4, 2008

My scrap-planner 2008

I saw some great scrapbooking-planners in the lastest edition of Creating Keepsakes-magazine. As soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to have one. :o) And the best part was that it is possible to download some beautiful planner-pages from their webside!

Last wednesday I read on Scrapfreak about the blog from Brenda Arnall. She felt the same way about the planner like I did. But she does something more! She created a planner of her own and designed calendar-pages, a starting page and a "remember"-page in the same style Creating Keepsakes did their pages. That is soooo cool! She also made it possible to download her pages for free! Thanks so much! :o)

So I started to work on my planner as soon as I was home! And this is what I did:

Close ups:

And here are some of the beautiful pages I downloaded:

I really like how it turns out! :o) And it was a possibility to use my Bind-it-all again. I really LOVE this tool! It´s so easy to use and you can do so many fun things with it!

For those who maybe want to create a scrap-planner of their own here are the links:
I´m going to plan my new year in this planner from now on and I´m really curious how it´ll look like when 2008 is over. I hope it´s filled with lots of ideas! Ans I hope most of the ideas are already done! ;o)
Have a great day! - Coni

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New stuff

I hope everybody had great holidays! Mine were very quiet but nice with my family for christmas eve and Andis family for christmas. New Years Eve I celebrated with some friends and it was a lot of fun! :o)

I didn´t update this blog lately but I´ve been creative! I finally did the first LOs for our wedding album. The first LO is about the dream that came true with our marrige.

Close ups:

I used the same stuff I did the invitations with. We decided to do the wedding-album in black, pink and brown. I think this fits and those are my favorite colors. :o)

Next day I did two more LOs:

I really love those taft flowers. I guess I need more of them! :D

The next LO is about that sometimes Andi is more important in our relationship and somethimes it´s me. But together we could do it all!

I´m sorry that you couldn´t see that on the pictures on the right and left one of us isn´t seen clearly. :o(

Close ups:

I used the new grungeboard Santa brought me here. I LOVE it! This stuff is so cool!

I made some new years resolutions. One is to do more cards in advance so I don´t need to do cards in a hurry or under pressure when somebody should get a card. So I sat down on the last day of 2007 and created this box for the cards I´m going to make:

The complete box is done with Stampin Up!-stuff. I already liked their papers and stamps but now I can say I love their great chipboard too! :o)

Yesterday I did some changes with the calenders for my office. Those calendars had big advertisement on it when I recieved them. I want my office to become a little nicer so I covered it.

I wish everybody a great new year! Be healthy, happy and creative! "Talk" to you soon again! - Coni