Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amy Butler-bag

Yesterday I went to my sewing-class again. I hadn´t been there in december but now we are back on track and sew every thursday again. I finished an Amy Butler-bag I started in november. I did a bag with this pattern before but I wanted to give it another try because to top of the back wasn´t the way I wanted it.

I really love the stuff Amy Butler does! I would have loved to use one of her cool fabric too. But I couldn´t get some in time for a good price. So I used some patchwork-fabric and I think it works well! :o)

Now I need to decide what I´m going to sew next. I have no idea but I´m thinking about something for home-dekor. I´ll see! ;o)

Have a great day! - Coni


Anonymous said... like!
I like the vibrant colour. I think it will suit you wonderfully.

I went in to the amy butler site. I found one pattern I would like. Do you buy them somewhere? I couldn't find it on the site.

Thanks for sharing

Suzy said...

That is a beautiful bag! I am going to look into her stuff. How fun!