Monday, April 14, 2008

You make my day-award

I recieved this blog-award from the lovely Michele. I´m really honored!!! Thanks so much!

It´s my time now to give this blog to five other bloggers that make my day. Since I can´t giv it back and don´t wanna give it to somebody that already got it here´s my choice:
Alicia: You wanted the award so here it is! ;o) I really love reading your blog! You write like an autor and always make me smile! I don´t know you very long but I feel like I found a friend! Can´t wait to meet you!!!

Suzy: I regulary visit your blog. I always like your stuff! I´m really sorry about your hard times and hope I could make you smile a little recieving this award! *hug*

Melanie: I really love to read about your faith in god and see your wonderful creations! You rock!
Kate: You are one of my creative inspirations! I absolutly love your style and every time I see one of your LOs I wanna lift it!
Ok, and the last one is for all the other great bloggers out there! ;o) There are sooo many rocking bloggers! I love to visit so many blogs!!! And I still hope there will be even more blogs soon!

Have a great day! - Coni

Spring Fling Cybercrop

The first weekend of April there was a cybercrop at Scraplove. It was soooo much fun and I did get a lot of stuff done. :o) Here´s what I did:

I couldn´t find a filefoler for one of the workshops. So I did this minialbum with black cardstock instead:

This is what it looks like unfolded:

And some more LOs:

I also did an album with a Hambly-overlay. It was a workshop by the fabulous Michelle. I was still waiting for some of the materials but I did it with what I have on hand. The missing stuff arrived last weekend and I will finish my album tonight. When it´s done I´ll show it here. ;o)

I hope to blog more often again!

Have a great day! - Coni

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lots of new stuff!

I´ve been creative lately and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it that way! :o)))

I started with a mini-album. I bought the mini-album-kit last August at a convention. I really love the patterns of Amy Butler so I couldn´t resist this kit. Now I finally used it and also took the smaller wedding-pics that I had on hand.

I had some scraps of the papers left and I had this hÄnglar-image. I already started colouring it and so I did this card:

The next day I wanted to do some LOs. I wanted to do more of the challenges at Scraplove. I like them as a starting point. The first challenge I did was to make the paper edgy. So I grabed my Stampin´Up-punches and did this:

I really like the look of the scalloped papers I did with my SU!-corner rounder and the notebook-effect with the spiral-punch!

The second challenge I did was to do something about a long-life-love. I knew at once what I wanna scrap about!!!

This teddybear spend (almost) my whole life with me! I got it for x-mas when I was 3 month old. Since then it was always there! I slept every night with him besides me when I was a kid and I told him everything! He was there for me when times got hard in my childhood (and there were ones that were really hard :o( ... ). He was my first love and I´m sure I will love him my whole life! :o)

Today the cyber-crop at Scraplove will start. *woohoo* I can´t wait to get started! Unfortunatly it starts really late tonight because of the time differences. And I´m still waiting for the second part of my kit. But hopefully it´ll come today so I´ll be prepard. Whatever: I´m sure I´ll have lots of fun! And best of all: dh said I don´t need to do anything but scrapping! Isn´t he the best??? Love him!

Have a great day! - Coni

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dala Tilda

When I vistited may friend JayJay yesterday I couldn´t resist and bought this little "Dala Tilda" from her shop "Stempelstern". Isn´t she cute? And best of all I imidiatly wanted to use the stamp and did this card:

I haven´t been that much creative the last days. One thing why I didn´t do that much may be that we bought a Nintendo Wii. We tried it this last weekend and I can tell you: it was soooo much fun! We laughed so hard! The only problem is that we are couchpotatoes
and now our muscles! *lol* But hey: now we are moving!!! *loool*

Have a great day! - Coni