Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter fun

I was surfing through serveral creative blogs when I found images that I fell in love with immidiatly. I was so lucky that there was a hint that the cute image was made by "Pink Cat Studio". So I went there and ordered right away. Just one week later I got my stamps from Canda! *yeah* The shop-service was just awesome too! I couldn´t resist to make a card with one of the stamps right away. ;o)

I wanted to add some more dimension so I didn´t clue the complete swirls down and used some chipboards:

Isn´t that image cute? Just look at the adorable dog! I´m in love!

Since I didn´t feel that well I haven´t done much creative stuff last weekend.I just hope to feel better really soon! I hate to not being able to do what I want! :*(

Have a great new week! ~*Coni*~

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yummy! :o)

Last weekend Andi and I baked some cupcakes and cookies. We never before tried to put some icing to cake ourselves! But we had lots of fun and enjoyed to do it! Here´s what we did:

And they were all yummy! I can tell you! *lol*

When we were finished I wanted to do a small bag for a freind to give cookies too. We just recieved new stamps for the Stempelzoo and I wanted to use them. They were from CC Stamps and we got them as a new addition to the shop. I was in love when I saw the little angels at once. So I choose one of them and did this:

First I didn´t know who to give it too but now I know! And I guess she´ll like it: she loves cookies, pink and CC stamps! :D

Have a great day! - ~*Coni*~

Monday, January 19, 2009


Andi, my sister Carola and I went to met some reindeers last saturday. We had a date with them to go for a walk. Andi and I got coupons for it and he was so excited to actually see the animals and spend the afternoon with them! And I have to admit: it was AWESOME! The weather was great and even though it was cold we weren´t freezing. The walk through the forest kept us warm. ;o) And aren´t reindeers beautiful?

Just look at these dark eyes! *lol*

Every reindeer was led by two of us. They are pretty strong and you´ll never know what they´ll do next so this is the safest way.

As a scrapbooker I took lots of pictures! ;o) And of corse I needed a pic of Andi, me and a reindeer. Unfortunatly I haven´t one with the three of us (including my sister). What you don´t see on the next pic is that the reindeer stood with one of his legs on my foot! I´m so glad that doesn´t hurt. It´s not like it would be when a horse does it!

We really had tons of fun and I´m already looking forward to scrap those pics!

Have a great day! I´ll be back soon with a LO I finally finished yesterday! - ~*Coni*~

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have been creative lately - not as much as I would have loved to be but I got some stuff done. :o) First I did a LO about my still favorite subject Andi! I´m just so happy to have him in my life! So I try to celebrate it in my scrapbooks too.

Here´s a close-up:

I love shaped LOs at the moment. I found this shape in the internet and loved it at once. So I asked Andi if he could do it for me so I could cut it with my Cricut. And he surely did! :o) And I used my new Martha Steward border-punch again. I just love the look of it!

Since I took down all the christmas-decorations I wanted to do something romantic. So I bought some stuff and decorated our home in a new way. It was so much fun. I think I had forgotten how much I love to decorate our home! Here is something I did:

Here´s a closer look:

I think the green berries look like they have ice on them so it still looks like winter. ;o) For my desk I found this beautiful frame at IKEA. When I saw it I new I wanted to put a decorated picture of our wedding inside.

Yes, I used my Martha Stewart pounch again. *lol* And I just love this pic! We both laugh while we are on our way and I think this is like it should be: walking happy together in our lifes. :D

Last saturday I went to a sewing workshop again. The theme was "Purses" and I sew this shoulderbag:

It´s about 17 inches wide and rellay works well for all thr stuff I always carry with me. The pattern, the fabric and the ribbon too are "Tilda". I´m still a big fan of this stuff!

And before I finally close this post for today I´ll introduce you to Curtis:

Andi sew this little guy for me. Isn´t he adorable? All I had to do was the nose. But that´s nothing to the sewing my lovely dh did! How can I NOT love this wonderful man???

That´s it for today again! I hope to be back soon! I promised my friend Michele to do two LOs till saturday (last week...). The second one is still on my desk because I´m still not that satisfied. I hope you don´t mind Michele! I hope to do more soon!

Have a great day! ~*Coni*~

Monday, January 5, 2009

Romantic stuff

Don´t ask me why but at the moment I like to do things that have a romantic touch. Just creating them makes me happy and I like the results so I guess I´m going to do more of it! *lol*

Here´s a box I made:

I still love the color combination of pink and brown. :o)

Another thing I did was a card for a swap. The theme was snowman. Before I joined the swap I wanted to try my idea. I didn´t wanted to join and then don´t have something I like. It took some time but after a while I was satisfied with my card and signed in. :o) Here it is:

Here´s another pic to show that I´ve tried to bring more dimension in it:

I just hope my partner will like this card.

Have a great day! ~*Coni*~

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Mail

A few minutes ago the doorbell rang and the postman brought a great surprise! It was a package from my dear friend Joy from the States! She just send it a few days ago and it´s already here! *woohoo* It came just perfect because I have a big cold since yesterday and don´t feel well. But now I´m feeling better! *lol* Here´s what she send:

Cool, isn´t it? and since our night at the movies is cancelled because of my cold I guess I´ll play with my new stuff now! ;o)

I did a new card for my Stampin´Up!-workshops to show to the guest. There´s not much stamping included but I finally used the cute papers and the "Pretties Kit".

I Think it turns out cute. Tell me what you think about it! I know there aren´t lots of people reading this blog but I know some people do! ;o)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy new year!

I hope you started the new year with a lot of fun! Have a great new year! Stay healthy and may some of your dreams come true!

I made some resolutions for 2009. I know, I know: most resolutions fail in the first month. But I wanna try it though! ;o) I signed up for the Big Picture-class "A life well crafted" with Kolette and Jason Hall. The class started yesterday and so far I love it! And I think it´ll help me to make some of my resolutions work! :o) My most important goal right now is to become healthy. I had lots of healthy problems during the last month (as I mentioned before). To reach this goal I want to have less stress and do some sports again. So I decided to spend one hour of "me-time" each and every day. I´ll be creative just for fun, watch TV, read or do wantever is on my mind at the moment. And I´ll definatly spend some precious time with Andi! Our little family is the most important thing in my life and I wanna enjoy it! The other thing I´m going to do is to exercise every other day for 30 minutes. I hope that these first little steps will help me to rech my goal!

I sew a flying pig and finished it on new years eve. I think it´s a great lucky charm for 2009. It´s hanging by my desk now. This way it´s a constant reminder for the luck in my life too: my family and friends, our safe home, my job and so much more. I wanted to share it with you:

Here´s it´s nice smile in the portrait! *lol*

It was fun to sew it but I guess I need to exercise some more with sewing ears or legs to a body! *lol* But I like the result! The pattern is from Tone Finnanger. I still love her Tilda-stuff! My friend Katarina bought some crafting stuff from Tilda for me and I just adore it!!! Thanks Katarina! *hug* I´m sure I´ll use it soon!

Have a great day!