Friday, January 23, 2009

Yummy! :o)

Last weekend Andi and I baked some cupcakes and cookies. We never before tried to put some icing to cake ourselves! But we had lots of fun and enjoyed to do it! Here´s what we did:

And they were all yummy! I can tell you! *lol*

When we were finished I wanted to do a small bag for a freind to give cookies too. We just recieved new stamps for the Stempelzoo and I wanted to use them. They were from CC Stamps and we got them as a new addition to the shop. I was in love when I saw the little angels at once. So I choose one of them and did this:

First I didn´t know who to give it too but now I know! And I guess she´ll like it: she loves cookies, pink and CC stamps! :D

Have a great day! - ~*Coni*~


Michele said...

So cute! i want some!

Janneke said...

mmm that cookie looks so yummie ;)

I love the cookie bag with that awesome angel

Janneke X