Monday, January 19, 2009


Andi, my sister Carola and I went to met some reindeers last saturday. We had a date with them to go for a walk. Andi and I got coupons for it and he was so excited to actually see the animals and spend the afternoon with them! And I have to admit: it was AWESOME! The weather was great and even though it was cold we weren´t freezing. The walk through the forest kept us warm. ;o) And aren´t reindeers beautiful?

Just look at these dark eyes! *lol*

Every reindeer was led by two of us. They are pretty strong and you´ll never know what they´ll do next so this is the safest way.

As a scrapbooker I took lots of pictures! ;o) And of corse I needed a pic of Andi, me and a reindeer. Unfortunatly I haven´t one with the three of us (including my sister). What you don´t see on the next pic is that the reindeer stood with one of his legs on my foot! I´m so glad that doesn´t hurt. It´s not like it would be when a horse does it!

We really had tons of fun and I´m already looking forward to scrap those pics!

Have a great day! I´ll be back soon with a LO I finally finished yesterday! - ~*Coni*~


Katarina said...

Didn't even know you had reindeers in Germany, lol. They are so adorable. I have a great new qk die I bought of a raindeer if you want some for your LO.
I have some pics here and a surprise for you:

BTW I got some Tilda fabrics today and totally fell inlove with a new book she has published. I think you will get an addictive buddy, lol.

I'll write you an email later, so sorry for not getting back to you.


Michele said...

Sounds like fun! Great pics! Can't wait to see the LO! I'm glad we're sticking to our deal!