Thursday, October 30, 2008

New bag...

Tonight it was time for my sewing-class again. I wanted to start sewing my "flying pig" but spontanously decided to sew a bag. I bought everything I needed in a kit when I was at the convention. Andi saw the bag and showed it to me. Isn´t it great to have a hubby that feeds your addiction? *lol*

I was really happy that I could finish it in just one evening! Here are the pics:

I´m sorry that the photos don´t show that the light fabric is a pale pink. :o( But it´s hard to get the colors like they are in real life. I´m not sure what to use the bag for. I have several ideas. What do you think? Oh, it´s ca. 26x26 cm (10 x 10 inch).

Ok, I guess next week I´m starting with the pig, um? ;o)

Have a great day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

House Mouse- Challenge #11

I don´t patizipate in challenges often. Mostly it´s because I don´t find the time or when I see the challenge it´s not something I´m in the mood for. But I´ve been watching the House Mouse-Challenge-Blog. I really love all the creations there and the ideas for the challenges. When I lurked in today again I loved the challenge! And since I had some time I decided to join! :o) The theme this week is "Natural". So I decided to use natural colors:

The scalloped circle and the ribbon are dark-brown. On the pic they look a little like black. :o(

It was great to use a House Mouse again!! Thanks for the hint to use them! ;o) I didn´t used them often lately which is sad!!! I had so much fun using this cute mouse and I had a lot of fun joining this challenge. I´ll surely be back soon! ;o)

Have a great day!

Stamp - House Mouse
cs - Stampin´Up!
Ribbon - American Crafts
Embossing - Folder by Cuttlebug

colored with Tombows

Friday, October 24, 2008

Forever friends-christmas

Do you know "Forever friends"? As some of you know I´m a huge teddy-bear-fan. So I love this littel, cute bears for years now! What Sarah Kay-stuff was in my childhood, Forever friends were to my earliy teenage years. :o)

My dear friend JayJay told me that there are some Forever friends-stamps out now and showed me a UK-shop sending them to Germany too. I surely couldn´t resist and buy some of those cute stamps! ;o)

Ok, I guess I needed some more! *lol* I couldn´t resist to use one soon too so I did this x-mas-card with one of them:

Isn´t this bear a cutie??? ;o)

Have a great day!

stamps - Hallmark, Stampin´Up! (sentiment)
cs - Stampin´up!
pp - Basic Grey
Proma-flower, brad

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Purple winter...

I saw a wonderful background last week and wanted to try it immidiatly! The girl who did this just stamped some snowflakes in the same color like the cardstocck - just a darker version. Then she lightly goes with her white pen along the lines of the stamps. This looks sooo cool! So I tried it on this card:

Here´s a close-up of the background.

I used my new cuttlebug-folders too - finally! I have them for some a while now and still haven´t used them. To make the embossing more visible I used a white chlak-inkpad to highlight it a little. Now I´m not sure anymore if I still like it or if it is too much. What do you think?

I´m sure I´ll do more cards with those backgrounds. It´s a good way to safe patternd paper. But I´ll use pp too - I just love it too much to not use it! ;o)

stamp - hÄnglar & stÄnglar, heart: Darcies
cs - Stampin´Up!
Ribbon und Uniball Signo (whit pen), 3D-pads

Monday, October 20, 2008

SU!, Tilda & Co.

The last days were filled with a lot of action. But all this action was fun! :o)

Last thursday I´ve been to my sewing-class again. I spontanously decided to sew a small bag from my new book "Tildas winterworld" from Tone Finnanger. So I bought the fabric and started. Stupid me! I hadn´t bought enough fabric! So I decided to do the bag even smaller than I wanted to do it. When I was done the whole class laughed. Here´s my new bag. I put a stamp next to it so you can see the size.

Since I had some more fabric (just not for the bag I wanted) I sew another of the boxes like I´ve done before. It´s just a very small one too this time. But it´s perfect for some tissues! ;o)

On friday and saturday I did some Stampin´Up!-workshops again. We did little giftbags for x-mas (like I did at another workshop before). Here´s my example:

I´m really sorry I didn´t think of taking pics at every workshop I did this bag! We always had so different bags in the end! That´s something I really like! But I took one pic on saturday. We were just five people (many couldn´t come because they became ill) but we had fun! :o) Here´s our little gallery:

It´s great to see the different results! That´s something I really like about being a SU!-demo! There´s so much inspiration for me! :o)

Yesterday I´ve been to a crafters-convention in Lübeck. There wasn´t a lot for stampers or scrappers (I bought 3 paper-sheets, that´s it). But there´s a lot for those that sew. And since I´m a big fan of Tone Finnanger I bought some Things to sew more of her stuff:

The tan-tanned fabric is for a flying pig I want to do. It´ll (hopefully) look like the little wooden one I bought. I so love this pig! And yes: I´m trying to sew one of the Tilda-dolls. There´s everything I need for this in the box.

I´m going to a patchwork-workshop for christmas on the 1st of November. So I wanted some fabric for this too. And I was sooo happy when I found this patterns:

I really like pink/lightgreen for x-mas! I just bought some pp with these colors. I know lots of people prefere the classic red/green-combo. I like that too but I love pink/lightgreen! :o) Now I just need to decide what to sew! ;o)

So this past weekend was over in a rush and I can´t believe it´s already monday! But here it is and the new working-week has started! I wish the weekends were longer and the working part sooner done! ;o)

Whatever: have a great new week and a wonderful day!

All materials for the x-mas-giftbags are Stampin´Up!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally an update

Ok, I was a bad blogger lately - again! I blog often in german but when it comes to the english blog I´m often too lazy! SORRY! Now my friend Katarina reminded me that I need to update here more often too. Thanks! I guess I needed this! *hug*
I was thinking about putting both blogs in one but I guess that the posts are way to long this way. And honestly I don´t like to read blogs that have both languages (most of the times I read both languages and wonder why *lol*). So I guess I will "work" with both blogs again. I will not promise to updated way more often here! I did that before and didn´t do it. And I hate to promise something and don´t do it!!! But I´ll try, ok? ;o)
Ok, here are some cards I made lately. There´s a new Stampin´Up!-catty out and I need new examples with the great new stamp-sets. And to be honest: I´m really in love with the new stuff! :o) Great new stamps, pp and embellis. :o)

I hope you like my new cards! I would love to read which ons´s your favourite?!

Have a great day! I´ll hopefully be back soon! ;o)