Monday, October 20, 2008

SU!, Tilda & Co.

The last days were filled with a lot of action. But all this action was fun! :o)

Last thursday I´ve been to my sewing-class again. I spontanously decided to sew a small bag from my new book "Tildas winterworld" from Tone Finnanger. So I bought the fabric and started. Stupid me! I hadn´t bought enough fabric! So I decided to do the bag even smaller than I wanted to do it. When I was done the whole class laughed. Here´s my new bag. I put a stamp next to it so you can see the size.

Since I had some more fabric (just not for the bag I wanted) I sew another of the boxes like I´ve done before. It´s just a very small one too this time. But it´s perfect for some tissues! ;o)

On friday and saturday I did some Stampin´Up!-workshops again. We did little giftbags for x-mas (like I did at another workshop before). Here´s my example:

I´m really sorry I didn´t think of taking pics at every workshop I did this bag! We always had so different bags in the end! That´s something I really like! But I took one pic on saturday. We were just five people (many couldn´t come because they became ill) but we had fun! :o) Here´s our little gallery:

It´s great to see the different results! That´s something I really like about being a SU!-demo! There´s so much inspiration for me! :o)

Yesterday I´ve been to a crafters-convention in Lübeck. There wasn´t a lot for stampers or scrappers (I bought 3 paper-sheets, that´s it). But there´s a lot for those that sew. And since I´m a big fan of Tone Finnanger I bought some Things to sew more of her stuff:

The tan-tanned fabric is for a flying pig I want to do. It´ll (hopefully) look like the little wooden one I bought. I so love this pig! And yes: I´m trying to sew one of the Tilda-dolls. There´s everything I need for this in the box.

I´m going to a patchwork-workshop for christmas on the 1st of November. So I wanted some fabric for this too. And I was sooo happy when I found this patterns:

I really like pink/lightgreen for x-mas! I just bought some pp with these colors. I know lots of people prefere the classic red/green-combo. I like that too but I love pink/lightgreen! :o) Now I just need to decide what to sew! ;o)

So this past weekend was over in a rush and I can´t believe it´s already monday! But here it is and the new working-week has started! I wish the weekends were longer and the working part sooner done! ;o)

Whatever: have a great new week and a wonderful day!

All materials for the x-mas-giftbags are Stampin´Up!

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kama said...

Hey, if you like those Tilda stuff, there is a Pandyro outlet nearby. Sometimes they have her stuff with nice discount prices...
Just let me know. Are you interested in stamps by her?

Love the stuff you've done and you're such a champ when things don't go your way. I would've thrown that bag and never started another one, lol. Maybe you could've made the back in a different color, or did you cut it out so it wasn't possible? Anyway, I think it's cute!