Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year comes to an end...

I first thought that I would be happy to leave 2008 behind. But after I thought about it a little more I think 2008 was ok. I had a lot of problems with my health but I´m sure they will not suddenly vanish because it´s 2009 now! ;o) And I had some great times in 2008 too! We went on our honeymoon, moved in a great new home, I made lots of new friends (even international!) and enjoyed some great time being creative. And best of all: I spend precious time with my family and friends! Thanks to all of you that have been at my side this year! *hugs*

Surely I can´t finish my blogyear without something creative! :o) Here´s a new kind of box I did. I saw something like it here. But be carefully if you go there! Danielle has some really gorgeous stuff on her blog! Tons of inspiration! Here´s my box:

I think the mini-hÄnglar & stÄnglars are just perfect for this kind of box! :o)

Ok, that´s it for 2008! Enjoy new years eve and have fun tonight! Hope to see you in 2009 again! - Coni

Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Scrapbooking!

Yeah! I finally found my way back to do a LO again! *woohoo* Don´t ask me how long it took but I just can say it was waaaay longer than I usually need. And I´m a slowly scrapper! ;o) I used some pics of christmas eve. Fresh pics are a great start!

When I was finally done I just started the next one and finished it the other day. It´s with an actual christmas-pic too. Ok, honestly I use those new pics because I *NEED* to sort through the older ones first. They are all just waiting in a box... But I´ve plans to sort them soon because I need more pics to scrap. I don´t wanna pause for such a long time again!

Here´s the second LO:

And here´s a close-up because I couldn´t take one good pic of the LO:

If you have any tipps for me how to take better pics of 12x12´´ LOs they would be more than welcome. I really don´t like my photos. I think my LOs look different (in my oppinion better) in real life than on those pics.

I hope you all have a great time! - Hugs, Coni

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and some snowflakes

I hope you all had a great chistmas-time! I enjoyed the time with my family. We celebrated christmas eve with my mom, her dh and my sister here at home (if you don´t know: we celebrate christmas eve here and get the gifts then here in Germany). Above you can see our tree. :o)

The next days we went to my inlaws in Düsseldorf and celebrated with Andis family. It was so much fun to see almost everybody of our family for the holidays!

Before christmas I needed some more cards for some friends. I saw a snowflake-shaped card on the internet and wanted to try this too. So I cut some with my Cricut and when I seached for the images to use I thought that the sitting kids from Magnolia and hÄnglar & stÄnglar work just perfect. I´m glad every girl liked her snowflake! :o) Here they are (with some close-ups):

As I said we had a great time celebrating the holidays. The only thing I missed was snow! We had just one small snow-shower so far and that was a while ago. And it didn´t last long. So I decided today to do a snow-card with one of my loved Elzybells-stamps. These stamps are just too cute! :o)

I really like the color-combination. I think it works perfect for the winter-themes! :o)

I got some new stuff to play with for christmas. Now I "just" have to decide what to use first! But since I haven´t scrapped that much in a long time I wanna start with this hobby first. So I cleaned my scrap-space today and now I´m starting with a LO. We´ll see how long it´ll take! :o)

Have a great day! Hugs, Coni

Friday, December 19, 2008

My christmas-Stampin´Up!-workshops

I had my last Stampin´Up!-workshop last week. So now it´s time to rest and enjoy the christmas-time. And surely I´ll start to prepare the workshops for the beginning of 2009. But before I start this I´ll show you what I´ve done at my workshops in December. One thing was a christmas-card. I did this two examples:

Most people here in Germany like the traditional christmas-colors red, vanilla and green. That why I used those colors for the cards.But since I do christmas-workshops since the end of september I don´t wanna see this color-combination that much any more! I so love other colors too!!! :D So I did this little gift-box in purple. I know that a lot of people don´t like purple but I do! But to make everybody happy I always have other cardstock-colors with me for the workshops! Here´s my example:

I was really glad that everybody enjoyed the workshops!I wanted to do so many christmas-cards this year but I didn´t!

I´m really sad I don´t have enough cards for all the lovely people I wanted to send one. But I guess it´s too late now and so I guess I should start with my card-produktion for the birthdays in 2009. I wasn´t very successful with this in 2008 too. :o(

Hope you´ll have a great day!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

1 year ...

... and one day ago this pic was taken.

We had our 1. wedding-anniversary yesterday. I can´t believe that it´s already one year!! But I´m sure that this was the bestest day of my life! I married the love of my life and I´m really grateful that I have this great man as my husband!!!

If you need proof of this I can tell you that he is always there when I need him! He´s my best friend too. You wanna see it yourselve that he´s great??? Ok, than I´ll show you his x-mas gift for me ;o) :

Any more questions? :o) This sewing- & stiching-mashine is so awesome!!! I´m not sure if there´s anything she can´t do! Andi says I just wanted it because it looks so beautiful. *lol* And to be honest: it looks beautiful, doesn´t it?? :D But it has so many options like f.e. that it has a USB-port so you could use it with you computer!!! And last but not least: it´s fun to sew with! I started with simple things and than I finished this bag that I started in my sewing-class:

The pattern and the fabric is from Amy Butler. I really love her stuff! I´m sure I´ll sew this cute little bag again!

Before I close this post for today I´ll show you so more of my christmascards for this year:

The next card is not "typical Coni" I think. It´s an image by Thomas Kinkade. I like his stuff and the stamps. But it´s really hard to color them. Here I used my pastels and later highlighted the lightbulbs with stickles.

When you move the card it looks like the lights are shining. I like this card but I´ve heard that a lot of people don´t like this kind of stamps and prefere my "typical Coni-style" more. Whatever: I´m sure there will be more cards like this one!

Hope you´ll have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

For Katarina

Usually I don´t participate in Blog-candies, but this is a very special one: My friend Katarina from Sweden is celebration 10 years with the love of her life Bengt. She´s such a wonderful person and does beautiful creations! I love the idea of her candy because she wants to spread the LOVE with it! Every time someone joins she will add something to her candy because love grows when you share it! Isn´t that a wonderful idea???
I´ve you wanna join too, go HERE!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my friend! *hug*

Magnolia x-mas

Last week I got some new Magnolias. I really love their stamps. I was really happy that I got all the stamps I had on my wish-list. I had some time to stamp last weekend when a friend and my sister came over to have fun together. So I mounted and used my new stamps. I wanted to use my watercolor-pens again. I hadn´t used them in a long time! When I had colored this cutie in "my" colors I immidiatly wanted to do a card with her. Here´s what I did:

The colors are brighter in real life but I´didn´t had the best light when I took this pic.

When I searched for the leaves shape I found the Quickutz rub-ons I got with my "Vixen"-alpha. I really love them so I never used them. I always thought that they are way too prescious to use. Sometimes I´m crazy! I buy stuff to use it biut just couldn´t do it because it´s just too great! Do you know this feeling? Whatever, this time I decided to use one of the rub-ons because I thought the sentiment works perfect with my card. :o)

I have colored two more images and hope to make cards from them soon!

Have a great day! - Coni

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas is near!

I starting to look a lot like christmas! :o) And I´m way behind with my christmas cards. :o( But from time to time I find some time to stamp. Here are two cards I did:

Since I do most of my Stampin´Up!-workshops using red and green since September I ´like to use other colors in my "private" stamping. ;o) And I think with these images light colours like the blue and the pink work very well! :o)

About 1 1/2 weeks ago we had our first snow. *yeah* Honestly I just LOVE snow!!! I was so happy that I was at home so I could grap my camera and take a pic. This was the view from our living-room:

Beautiful, isn´t it? The snow lay everywhere for a while but just a few hours later everything melt and the world looked gray. :o( I hope we´ll have lots of snow and sunny winterdays this year! For those of you that need to drive I hope for "winterfree" streets too! ;o)

Inspired by the snow I wanted to use a new stamp I bought at Whiff of joy. Isn´t that a cute little snowman?

I use my cuttlebug-folders more often now and I really love them! Here I used the ColorCore-cs and aged the embossed images to show the lighter color inside the cs. I think that´s a beautiful effect.

Hope you all have a great new week! - Coni