Friday, December 19, 2008

My christmas-Stampin´Up!-workshops

I had my last Stampin´Up!-workshop last week. So now it´s time to rest and enjoy the christmas-time. And surely I´ll start to prepare the workshops for the beginning of 2009. But before I start this I´ll show you what I´ve done at my workshops in December. One thing was a christmas-card. I did this two examples:

Most people here in Germany like the traditional christmas-colors red, vanilla and green. That why I used those colors for the cards.But since I do christmas-workshops since the end of september I don´t wanna see this color-combination that much any more! I so love other colors too!!! :D So I did this little gift-box in purple. I know that a lot of people don´t like purple but I do! But to make everybody happy I always have other cardstock-colors with me for the workshops! Here´s my example:

I was really glad that everybody enjoyed the workshops!I wanted to do so many christmas-cards this year but I didn´t!

I´m really sad I don´t have enough cards for all the lovely people I wanted to send one. But I guess it´s too late now and so I guess I should start with my card-produktion for the birthdays in 2009. I wasn´t very successful with this in 2008 too. :o(

Hope you´ll have a great day!!!

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