Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry christmas!

With this card I want to say "Merry christmas" to you!
Have a wonderful and relaxed time with your loved ones!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Professional pics

I know a lot of you were waiting for the professional pics of our wedding. :o) So, here they are:

At the ceremony with our witnesses (my sister Carola and Andis twin Michael):

Our complete wedding-guests:

And this pics were taken after the ceremony in the park of the castle where the wedding was:

We really LOVE the pics we got! Alltogether the were 419 (!!!) pics and all were great! :o)

I guess with the wedding that´s it! But I think there will be some LOs coming with all those wedding pics! ;o) And there will be more creative stuff (and some chrsitmas for sure) again!

Have a great sunday! - Coni

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our wedding

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry and all the congarts!!! I promised a longer report of our weeding so here it is! :o)

The day started earliy at 5 a.m. because my sister Carola picked me up at 6 a.m. to go to the hairdresser with me. The make up was made there too so I don´t need to do any of it by myself. I don´t have "long" hair but my hairdresser decided that it´s long enough to get it up. That was really a hard job but I think she did great. Wanna see me while the hair is done? Here´s something to laugh:

My parents picked me up there to bring me to the castle where the ceremony was held. I already wore my dress and everything was done. Andi came with his family.

The ceremony was beautiful (and sometimes funny) and we enjoyed every minute!

When the offical part was done (said yes, exchanged rings...) we were allowed to kiss as a married couple for the first time:

I was sooo happy (and I still am!)!!!

When my mom came to say congrats she said some really sweet words and wished us all the best. I couldn´t hold it anymore and started crying. It was just a short moment and I guess helping to stop this was the flashlights from almost everywhere because everybody wanted this photographed! ;o)

When we got outside two colleguages of Andi waited for us just to give us a little present. Isn´t that great? He had his last day with them two days ago and started a new job this week so we thought this was really nice!

Our families went to our home to start celebrating while we did a lot of pics with the photographer in the park of the castle. I can´t wait to see those pics! He told us he did more than 400 takes! As soon as I get them I´ll show you! :o)

When we got home a little later, there were a lot of presents waiting for us but first we get a little champagne! ;o) We got wonderful presents and were surprised how many people had thought about us on this special day! THANKS to everybody!!!
One thing we got from my paprents and my sister was the weddingcake. We didn´t plan something like that because we thought noboby would love to eat cake in the morning (it was 10:30 a.m.!). But we were wrong and absolutly happy that we got the cake! And it was sooo yummy!!! My mom was the one that decided we *need* a cake! Thanks Mom!

At noon we went to a steak-house so everybody got something to eat! ;o) The restaurant we choose was in a very old house. It´s the oldest restaurant Hamburg has and for quiete a quile it´s this steak-house now. But before we got there the only thing happend that wasn´t great: Andis family had a car-accident on the way there. :o( Fortunatly noboby was hurt! Just cars were damaged. This is something that we wouldn´t like to happen but I´ve heard that there is something bad happening every time at every wedding so here´s our part! ;o)
It really was an awesome day and we enjoyed it a lot! I´m still happy everytime I think about this day and that I´m a married woman now! :o)
Have a great day! - Coni

Friday, December 14, 2007

Short update!

While our guest need a break after dinner I take the time for a short report! :o)

First: we had an awesome wedding that was much better than we could have dreamed about! :o) Everybody was great and the weather was georgeous too!

It´ll take some time before we´ll get the offical photos but here are some short snapshots.

This pic was taken right after the ceremony in front of the castle where the wedding was:

And this is made when we got home:

The wedding-cake was a gift of my parents and my sister. Isn´t that sweet? We got soooo many awesome gifts! I´ll show them later when I´ll post a longer report!

Have a woderful, beautiful & great day! - Coni

PS: Did I tell you that I´m now a married woman??? *lol*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More christmas-cards

As I wrote yesterday I made some more cards last weekend. The first thing I needed to use was my new stampingbella. It was a gift from my sister.

Then I did some more card with my Elzybells. I really LOVE them! :o) When I saw Carolas Quickutz-shape with a label with doodles I knew I wanted to use it. Unfortunatly the stamp was to big for the label. So I needed to cut it. But I think it´s ok and I like the result! :o)

When I did the last card it was already late and I was tiered. So I Guess this stamp fits! ;o)

Have a great day! - Coni

Monday, December 10, 2007

Out with the girls!

Last friday I "celebrated" my last days of being not married with my friends Nicole, JayJay, Sanne and my sister Carola. They know that I don´t like to go out and have lots of drinks and a stripper or do "funny" games. So they decided to go to a Build-a-bear with me first.
Some people may think this is childish but we had so much fun! And we all love teddybears! ;o) Nicole and I did a reindeer-lady. Aren´t they cute?
After this we went to the Alster. There was a christmas-market called "Winterzauber" ("Wintermagic"). We drank some warm drinks there before we went to a steakhouse where we spent the rest of the evening. *yummy* It was so much fun and I could only thank my friends for such a great evening! It was so much fun that I thought about not getting married.But no: I´ll do it! ;o)
On saturday I did some new cards but didn´t find the time to take pics of them. I will do this today and show them later!
Have a great week! - Coni

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Song

At the moment I love to stamp! When I came home late yesterday I need to sit down and make another card.

This is my favorite Elzybells-stamp. It´s just so adorable! I did the embossed part last saturday at our "stamping-date". I really like it and I guess I need a Cuttlebug some day. *lol*

Today is "Nikolaus" here in Germany. When you´ve been a nice person, Nikolaus brings you small gifts. You could find them in your shoes. The kids clean their shoes the evening before and this morning they are filled with chocolate, candys and small gifts. It looks like I was nice because I get a new stampinbella-stamp. :o) I hope I´ll find the time to use it tonight! And since I also got the third "Santa Clause"-movie I now what I´ll watch while I stamp! :o)

I love christmas movies! Some of them I need to see every year. I couldn´t imagine a holiday without "The Muppets christmas carol"! And I need to see "While you were sleeping" and "The Grinch". I could go on and on! So if you are like me or still aren´t in the mood for christmas here´s a little video from "The Polarexpress". Andi and I watched it in movie-theatre and since then we sit down every year and watch it! And it´s with Josh Groban-music! I really like him and "believe" is one of my favorite songs from him! Enjoy it!

Have a wonderful day and don´t forget to believe! - Coni

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More Elzybells

I had a free afternoon yesterday and used the time to play with my new Elzybells again. :o)

Im not very happy with the pictures because the colors look so different to those in real life. :o( I guess I need to use the "big" digi-camera and the lights we bought a while ago. The scanner isn´t that good and the "small" digi-cam either.
And I´m not so happy with the cards too so far. I did so many cards in brown colors and in another style that I need to exercise a little to do cards in another way. But I´ll try and play again soon. And I hope my cards (and the pics!) will get better! :o)

Have a great day! - Coni

First Stampin´Up-party and some Elzybells

Last saturday I did my first Stampin´UP!-workshop. I was a little excited about it but all guests where friends of mine so it was easier than I thought! :o) We had a lot of fun! Here´s the stuff I brought to show it to them:

We also made a Make & Take so that everybody could use the Stampin´Up-stuff and did these cute little gift-boxes. I like that all of them look different!

Now that I had so much fun I can´t wait for my next party! :o) But the next dates are in january so I have to wait a little! ;o)
On sunday I finally found the time to decorate our home for christmas. I LOVE christmas and so I put lights in every window. And now there are some decorations here and there too! I decorated these candleholders I just bought on a Party-Lite-party. Aren´t they beautiful? The best thing about them is that you can decorate them for every season. For nowI put some fake-snow, stars, pearls and christmas-ornaments inside.

I saw some cute stamps from Elzybells in some blogs and imidiatly fell in love with them! I was so happy that a friend from Scraplove got them for me! I recieved them last friday and tried some cards.

I´m not that happy how they turned out but I´ll try it again. Aren´t those stamps cute???

The last thing I could show for today is a little advent-calendar I did for a swap. The recipient is a huge fan of stamps from Magnolia. So I used one of them. The calendar is made of small boxes and inside there are little goodies for the four sundays before christmas. We call them "advent". We lite a candle for each of them - one candle for the first sunday, two for the second one... I´m not sure if this is usual outside of Germany. Gladly she liked her calendar and the eyelets I put in the first box.

I would love to find the time to do a LO but I still need so many christmas-cards! And btw: I LOVE christmas-cards and doing them. So I guess scrapping has to wait a little. ;o)
Have a great day! - Coni

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cards with papertrees

My lovely friend Nicole showed me an idea she saw at the Splitcoaststampers. I loved the idea so much that I wanted to try this immidiatly. Here´s my first try:

It was so much fun and much more easy than I thought! So I just did a second one with Stampin´Up!-stuff to show them to the guests of a SU!-party. ;o)

Here´s a close-up:

I guess I´ll do some more of these cards for christmas. It´s easy and fun! And right now I´m looking for some more stuff I could try! I love to try something new. So if you have any suggestions: please share! :o)
I need to share my excitement! :o) I´m a big country-fan and I love the music from Garth Brooks. He isn´t very popular here in Germany but a few years ago I saw him on TV and since then I´m a fan! :o) It was very quiet for the last years and that´s why I´m really happy that there is a new CD/DVD out now! It´s a best of with two CD´s and one DVD. Each CD comes with 17 songs (4 new ones!!!) and the DVD has 33 videos. I really LOVE this album!!!

I just wish he would do a concert here in Germany where I could go!!! *dreaming*

Have a great day! - Coni

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Little christmas-tree and a box

I´ve been creative today. *woohoo* It´s fun since I didn´t found a lot of time lately. I hope I could play more often again. I really missed this!

Next saturday I will do my first Stampin Up!-workshop. I´ve been thinking about the make & take I could do and decided to do a little gift box with the girls that join. I´m really happy that my dear friend Nicole will be the hostess and the guests are some of my firends too! ;o) I hope they like the little idea I had:

Another thing I did today was this cute little tree. I saw the idea in some blogs and really liked it. When Andi showed it to me too I decided that it´s time to give it a try.

It was a lot of fun and I like the result. The paper I choose is from Cosmo Crickets "Wonderland"-series and it´s called "Sleigh Ride". I really love it! I picked it from Andis online-shop "Stempelzoo". Sometimes it´s really nice to have a boyfriend that has a scrapbooking/stamping-shop! *lol*

The last thing I did was another christmas-card. I used another paper from that Cosmo-line for it. :D

Have a great day!