Monday, December 10, 2007

Out with the girls!

Last friday I "celebrated" my last days of being not married with my friends Nicole, JayJay, Sanne and my sister Carola. They know that I don´t like to go out and have lots of drinks and a stripper or do "funny" games. So they decided to go to a Build-a-bear with me first.
Some people may think this is childish but we had so much fun! And we all love teddybears! ;o) Nicole and I did a reindeer-lady. Aren´t they cute?
After this we went to the Alster. There was a christmas-market called "Winterzauber" ("Wintermagic"). We drank some warm drinks there before we went to a steakhouse where we spent the rest of the evening. *yummy* It was so much fun and I could only thank my friends for such a great evening! It was so much fun that I thought about not getting married.But no: I´ll do it! ;o)
On saturday I did some new cards but didn´t find the time to take pics of them. I will do this today and show them later!
Have a great week! - Coni


Heredia Family/Yvie said...

How fun!! The reindeers are sooo sooo cute!!!

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