Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I haven´t been creative lately. Seems like my mojo is gon. But I guess this will change - hopefully soon.

I stamped two cards when I met some friends last saturday. The first one is for a swap and the second is for a good friend of mine. It´s for her birthday. I´m a little late. That´s what I´m often this year. I hope to be more in time with the birthday-cards next year!

Last sunday Andi, my sister Carola and I went to an amusement-park. We go there each year in October because the park is decorated for Halloween and we really love that! We had a lot of fun and were very happy that the weather was ok for our visit! Here are some pics I took:

Have a happpy haunted Halloween! - Coni

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We´re going to get married!

I know: this is nothing new because I already told you. But the date is new: we are going to get married on the 14th of December this year. This is just 7 1/2 weeks from today and there is so much more to plan! We changed the date the last days but now everything is fixed. We are very happy that our dream to marry in the "Bergedorfer Schloss" ( a castle nearby) will come true. Here´s a pic of our wedding place:

I´m very excited! But who wouldn´t??? Wish me luck that planning everything woundn´t be that chaotic anymore! ;o)
Have a great day! - Coni

Monday, October 22, 2007

Family-reunion & "fall"-crop

I´ve been to a family-reunion last weekend. I went there with my mom. It was nice to meet so many people I haven´t seen for a looooong time (some of them more than 20 years!!!). My great-aunt told some stories about me when I was a toddler. She said (agreed by my mom) that I was doing a lot of funny stuff and that they always had to look for me. :o) It´s awesome to listen to such stories about yourself. I didn´t remember a lot of my childhood so this was just great! I just hope now that I´ll never have a kid like me! *lol* And the best about one story she told me is that I have a picture of me when this happend! So I guess there is a page coming up! :o) I took a lot of pics at this meeting too and I´ll surely do a LO about this reunion too!

When I got home yesterday I went to join the "fall-crop" at Scraplove. I was so sorry I couldn´t join for the whole weekend but it was fun doing some stuff yesterday too.

I started with a sketch-challenge and this was my result:

After this I´ve decided to do a little project. I loved the idea to do a magnet so that what I did next. This magnet is on my board in my scrapspace now:

Then I started another challenge. It´s about something "not good" or "special" in our life. Life isn´t always sunshine and so there are a lot of memories that may not be scraped. But it´s part of your memories too. So this was the challenge: scrap this! I often feel very blocked when I sit on my desk to start being creative (stampin´or scrappin´). I wait all day to do it but when I´m there I get stuck. I don´t know if you know what I´m talking about but this very often happens to me and makes me sad. And it happend again yesterday. That´s why I "lost" 1 1/2 hours of precious scrapping time. I could have done more... So, this is my LO:

Title: Brake
journaling: I often sit down to become creative but couldn´t. All day long I can´t wait but when the time arrives nothing happens. It´s like my desk is a brake.
The last project I did was another frame. Last weekend I made it for a calendar-page and this weekend there is a to do-list on it. I could write my stuff on the glas and erase it when I´m done.

There were a lot of other great projects and challenges. I wish I had more time doing it. But I´ll try to get more of the stuff done soon!
Have a great week! - Coni

Friday, October 19, 2007

Crazy about kit!

Last wednesday I worked on my lastest BPS-class "Crazy about kits!". This week it was all about kits from kits-clubs or from your LSS. I recieved a beautiful kit from a friend of mine for my birthday so this was just perfect!
For this LO I choose one of the sketches from the class. I really liked all the paper-stripes and the ribbon! The pic we got last weekend from Andis sister. Andi really loves his niece but there aren´t many photos of the both of them together. So I knew immidiatly that I wanted to use this one! Andi´s soooo proud!!!

When this one was done the second LO was done pretty fast! I saw the pic and thought that it would fit perfectly to the papers I´m working with! And it´s one of my favorite pics from us!

There is a lot of stuff left from the kit. And there was a cute chipboard-flower-mini-album in the kit too. So I guess I´m doing some more. Unfortunatly I didn´t have the time to do more. I just wish I´d have more time!!!

I´ll be on a family-reunion this weekend. I´m curious about this because I´ve never before done this! It´s not that usual in Germany like it is in the States. So just wish me luck! :o)

Have a great weekend! - Coni

Monday, October 15, 2007


Last saturday I went to see Tamara. We wanted to scrap together. I "know" her from Scrapfreak. This weekend there was an online-crop there: Freakfest. We met to do the crop together. Before I got there I was SOOO nervous! I didn´t know her or her family in person and I wasn´t sure about talking to each other since my english isn´t that great. But shortly after getting there I relaxed! I felt so welcome and Tamara (and her family) were so great, nice and georgeous!!! We had so much fun doing the projects and challenges together! And whenever I had no idea what to do now Tamara helped me out!

The first project we did is a jar for sweets. Originally the project was for halloween-candies. But we decided to do something for all year long. So I did this jar (but I will definatly put some candies inside!!! ;o) ):

After I put the paper on the jar I didn´t know what to do to to make it look better. Tamara had the great idea to put thoses flowers on it and use some buttons too. I really love how it turns out. Tamara has lots of great ideas you know?!

The next thing we did was the first LO for the day. It was a challenge with a sketch from Becky Flecks from PageMaps. I really LOVE her sketches! She was the celebrity for the crop and in the evening there was a chat with her too. She really is a very inspiring and interesting woman! Here´s what I made from her sketch:

After this one we did a smal cute project: a paper clip that was decorated and used as a picture-holder. I did mine in "fall-style".

The A ist for Andi. I will use this one an my desk at work and do a pic of my sweetheart on it. :o)

I was very surprised how much we´ve done on this just one day! But that´s not everything. Here´s the 2. LO-challenge we did: it was about using colors that were opposite on the colorwheel. Usually everybody would think that those colors couldn´t get together but that´s just wrong! I choose the combination of blue with organge and really love that combination. Thanks again to Tamara for giving me some papers for this (I never take those papers with me I need when I go to scrap with somebody else... ;o) ).

The last project we did was a framed calendar-page. During the month on the page you could write your dates and what you did on the days. Later when the month is done you put the calendar out of the frame and have a LO that shows one month of your life. I really like that project!!!

We really had a lot of fun doing this! I´m so happy I get to meet Tamara and her family in person! We ate candycorn, marshmallows and taccos (most things I never before tasted) and everything was soooo yummy!!! I can´t wait to meet Tamara again! She really rocks!!! This is a pic of the both of us together. Tamaras hubby made it shortly before I had to leave.

Before I fiish my blogging for today I wanna show another LO I did last week. I made it for my lastest class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. This time it´s all about kits. I´m really sorry I only did one LO. There were so many great ideas. But I hope I´ll make more of the projects shown there! I just wish I have more time for creative stuff! I have way more ideas than time to do them.

This LO shows some friends of mine I try to meet regulary. Most of the times we meet we stamp together. This pic was taken on a stamping-convention in September. And I used my second new cartridge for my Cricut here and LOVE it!

Have a great start in the new week! And if you are looking for another online-crop. Next weekend there will be one at Scraplove! I´m really sorry I´m on a family-reunion but I´ll try to be there as often as I can! - Coni

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy times and good news! :o)

Wow, can you believe it´s already October? It´s has been crazy here the last weeks! After I thought my cold is finished and everything will run smoothly again I had to learn that life couldn´t be planned! ;o) Just a few days after my last post here I got sick again. This time it wasn´t a cold but I could not leave the bath if you know what I mean. Since I couldn´t get any food or drinks stay in my stomach I felt very dizzy and couldn´t even sit. Believe me: I hated that!

Another thing I hated about this was that the worst day was my birthday. Isn´t that nice? So instead of celebrating with Andi and my family I lay in bed. :o( I´m fit again since a little while and really hope that I´ll stay fit this time!!! ;o)

Into all the sickness one wonderful thing happend. On my birthday Andi asked me if I want to marry him!!! He planned this for a while and was really sorry that I was sick. But he doesn´t wanted to wait any longer! :o) I´m so happy about this! I surely said YES and so we are planning to get married next year. Thinking of this still makes me smiling! :o) Sometimes I think I´m dreaming but Andi always tells me that this is true and that he´s so happy about this too!

Everything starts to calm down now. All birthdays of the last weeks are done, everything that couldn´t be done while I was sick is done too so I hope to get back to "normal" now! I did some new creative stuff lately. Here are two LOs I did. The first one is about fall and why I love it:

The next LO I just finished last weekend. I got Rebecca Coopers book "Real.Life.Scrapbooking" last week and I really liked it. It´s telling how important scrapbooking the everyday life is. I love the LOs shown there too. Most of them have the "clean" style I love so much. This new LO is a scraplift from one of the LOs in the book. I also "stole" the idea.

You are good as you are!
You don´t have to do everything on your own!
You scrap and stamp because it´s fun!
It´s allowed to say no!
It´s allowed to make mistakes!
Enjoy your life!
Here are also I few new cards I did:

The last thing I want to show for today is my new wall-decoration. I really loved the idea when I saw it. So I went to IKEA to buy the stuff I needed and Andi helped me bringing it up.

I hope to write more often again here!

Have a great day everybody! - Coni