Friday, October 19, 2007

Crazy about kit!

Last wednesday I worked on my lastest BPS-class "Crazy about kits!". This week it was all about kits from kits-clubs or from your LSS. I recieved a beautiful kit from a friend of mine for my birthday so this was just perfect!
For this LO I choose one of the sketches from the class. I really liked all the paper-stripes and the ribbon! The pic we got last weekend from Andis sister. Andi really loves his niece but there aren´t many photos of the both of them together. So I knew immidiatly that I wanted to use this one! Andi´s soooo proud!!!

When this one was done the second LO was done pretty fast! I saw the pic and thought that it would fit perfectly to the papers I´m working with! And it´s one of my favorite pics from us!

There is a lot of stuff left from the kit. And there was a cute chipboard-flower-mini-album in the kit too. So I guess I´m doing some more. Unfortunatly I didn´t have the time to do more. I just wish I´d have more time!!!

I´ll be on a family-reunion this weekend. I´m curious about this because I´ve never before done this! It´s not that usual in Germany like it is in the States. So just wish me luck! :o)

Have a great weekend! - Coni

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