Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We´re going to get married!

I know: this is nothing new because I already told you. But the date is new: we are going to get married on the 14th of December this year. This is just 7 1/2 weeks from today and there is so much more to plan! We changed the date the last days but now everything is fixed. We are very happy that our dream to marry in the "Bergedorfer Schloss" ( a castle nearby) will come true. Here´s a pic of our wedding place:

I´m very excited! But who wouldn´t??? Wish me luck that planning everything woundn´t be that chaotic anymore! ;o)
Have a great day! - Coni


Jo Anne said...

Congratulations Coni!! I am so excited for you!! I love the castle picture!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh how fun! If I were over there in Germany I would SOOO Offer to be your photographer! Best of luck!!!

Shannon Schafer said...

Congrats(again)! What a lovely place to be married!!!