Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy times and good news! :o)

Wow, can you believe it´s already October? It´s has been crazy here the last weeks! After I thought my cold is finished and everything will run smoothly again I had to learn that life couldn´t be planned! ;o) Just a few days after my last post here I got sick again. This time it wasn´t a cold but I could not leave the bath if you know what I mean. Since I couldn´t get any food or drinks stay in my stomach I felt very dizzy and couldn´t even sit. Believe me: I hated that!

Another thing I hated about this was that the worst day was my birthday. Isn´t that nice? So instead of celebrating with Andi and my family I lay in bed. :o( I´m fit again since a little while and really hope that I´ll stay fit this time!!! ;o)

Into all the sickness one wonderful thing happend. On my birthday Andi asked me if I want to marry him!!! He planned this for a while and was really sorry that I was sick. But he doesn´t wanted to wait any longer! :o) I´m so happy about this! I surely said YES and so we are planning to get married next year. Thinking of this still makes me smiling! :o) Sometimes I think I´m dreaming but Andi always tells me that this is true and that he´s so happy about this too!

Everything starts to calm down now. All birthdays of the last weeks are done, everything that couldn´t be done while I was sick is done too so I hope to get back to "normal" now! I did some new creative stuff lately. Here are two LOs I did. The first one is about fall and why I love it:

The next LO I just finished last weekend. I got Rebecca Coopers book "Real.Life.Scrapbooking" last week and I really liked it. It´s telling how important scrapbooking the everyday life is. I love the LOs shown there too. Most of them have the "clean" style I love so much. This new LO is a scraplift from one of the LOs in the book. I also "stole" the idea.

You are good as you are!
You don´t have to do everything on your own!
You scrap and stamp because it´s fun!
It´s allowed to say no!
It´s allowed to make mistakes!
Enjoy your life!
Here are also I few new cards I did:

The last thing I want to show for today is my new wall-decoration. I really loved the idea when I saw it. So I went to IKEA to buy the stuff I needed and Andi helped me bringing it up.

I hope to write more often again here!

Have a great day everybody! - Coni


{monica} said...

Congrats again on your engagement! The layouts and cards are awesome...and the wall thing is very cool!

Tamara Wheeler said...

Love the wall hanger. Great job with it.

Congrats on your engagement!

Suzy said...

That wall hanger looks awesome! Love your LO's too!

Congrats again on the engagement. I am so excited for you!

Shannon Schafer said...

Congrats on the engagement!!! Love your wall hanger!!!