Monday, October 22, 2007

Family-reunion & "fall"-crop

I´ve been to a family-reunion last weekend. I went there with my mom. It was nice to meet so many people I haven´t seen for a looooong time (some of them more than 20 years!!!). My great-aunt told some stories about me when I was a toddler. She said (agreed by my mom) that I was doing a lot of funny stuff and that they always had to look for me. :o) It´s awesome to listen to such stories about yourself. I didn´t remember a lot of my childhood so this was just great! I just hope now that I´ll never have a kid like me! *lol* And the best about one story she told me is that I have a picture of me when this happend! So I guess there is a page coming up! :o) I took a lot of pics at this meeting too and I´ll surely do a LO about this reunion too!

When I got home yesterday I went to join the "fall-crop" at Scraplove. I was so sorry I couldn´t join for the whole weekend but it was fun doing some stuff yesterday too.

I started with a sketch-challenge and this was my result:

After this I´ve decided to do a little project. I loved the idea to do a magnet so that what I did next. This magnet is on my board in my scrapspace now:

Then I started another challenge. It´s about something "not good" or "special" in our life. Life isn´t always sunshine and so there are a lot of memories that may not be scraped. But it´s part of your memories too. So this was the challenge: scrap this! I often feel very blocked when I sit on my desk to start being creative (stampin´or scrappin´). I wait all day to do it but when I´m there I get stuck. I don´t know if you know what I´m talking about but this very often happens to me and makes me sad. And it happend again yesterday. That´s why I "lost" 1 1/2 hours of precious scrapping time. I could have done more... So, this is my LO:

Title: Brake
journaling: I often sit down to become creative but couldn´t. All day long I can´t wait but when the time arrives nothing happens. It´s like my desk is a brake.
The last project I did was another frame. Last weekend I made it for a calendar-page and this weekend there is a to do-list on it. I could write my stuff on the glas and erase it when I´m done.

There were a lot of other great projects and challenges. I wish I had more time doing it. But I´ll try to get more of the stuff done soon!
Have a great week! - Coni


Jo Anne said...
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Jo Anne said...

I love everything you made for your challenges! You are so creative!!