Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Scrapbooking!

Yeah! I finally found my way back to do a LO again! *woohoo* Don´t ask me how long it took but I just can say it was waaaay longer than I usually need. And I´m a slowly scrapper! ;o) I used some pics of christmas eve. Fresh pics are a great start!

When I was finally done I just started the next one and finished it the other day. It´s with an actual christmas-pic too. Ok, honestly I use those new pics because I *NEED* to sort through the older ones first. They are all just waiting in a box... But I´ve plans to sort them soon because I need more pics to scrap. I don´t wanna pause for such a long time again!

Here´s the second LO:

And here´s a close-up because I couldn´t take one good pic of the LO:

If you have any tipps for me how to take better pics of 12x12´´ LOs they would be more than welcome. I really don´t like my photos. I think my LOs look different (in my oppinion better) in real life than on those pics.

I hope you all have a great time! - Hugs, Coni

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