Monday, December 15, 2008

1 year ...

... and one day ago this pic was taken.

We had our 1. wedding-anniversary yesterday. I can´t believe that it´s already one year!! But I´m sure that this was the bestest day of my life! I married the love of my life and I´m really grateful that I have this great man as my husband!!!

If you need proof of this I can tell you that he is always there when I need him! He´s my best friend too. You wanna see it yourselve that he´s great??? Ok, than I´ll show you his x-mas gift for me ;o) :

Any more questions? :o) This sewing- & stiching-mashine is so awesome!!! I´m not sure if there´s anything she can´t do! Andi says I just wanted it because it looks so beautiful. *lol* And to be honest: it looks beautiful, doesn´t it?? :D But it has so many options like f.e. that it has a USB-port so you could use it with you computer!!! And last but not least: it´s fun to sew with! I started with simple things and than I finished this bag that I started in my sewing-class:

The pattern and the fabric is from Amy Butler. I really love her stuff! I´m sure I´ll sew this cute little bag again!

Before I close this post for today I´ll show you so more of my christmascards for this year:

The next card is not "typical Coni" I think. It´s an image by Thomas Kinkade. I like his stuff and the stamps. But it´s really hard to color them. Here I used my pastels and later highlighted the lightbulbs with stickles.

When you move the card it looks like the lights are shining. I like this card but I´ve heard that a lot of people don´t like this kind of stamps and prefere my "typical Coni-style" more. Whatever: I´m sure there will be more cards like this one!

Hope you´ll have a wonderful day!


Ila said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby!!
Wow!! that looks like a fabulous sewing machine!! Have fun...I love sewing but haven't been doing very much lately ....hoping to do more this year.
Your cards all all Super Gorgeous!! I love them all...the coloring, papers, and layouts are all Fabulous!!!...Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!.....Hugs, Ila

Trina said...

I agree with my Mom (Ila) your cards are gorgeous!! And your picture is beautiful!! Happy Anniversary!
I love the sewing machine as well, and the cards are pretty awesome too....especially the Magnolia. I love your other cards too!!