Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year comes to an end...

I first thought that I would be happy to leave 2008 behind. But after I thought about it a little more I think 2008 was ok. I had a lot of problems with my health but I´m sure they will not suddenly vanish because it´s 2009 now! ;o) And I had some great times in 2008 too! We went on our honeymoon, moved in a great new home, I made lots of new friends (even international!) and enjoyed some great time being creative. And best of all: I spend precious time with my family and friends! Thanks to all of you that have been at my side this year! *hugs*

Surely I can´t finish my blogyear without something creative! :o) Here´s a new kind of box I did. I saw something like it here. But be carefully if you go there! Danielle has some really gorgeous stuff on her blog! Tons of inspiration! Here´s my box:

I think the mini-hÄnglar & stÄnglars are just perfect for this kind of box! :o)

Ok, that´s it for 2008! Enjoy new years eve and have fun tonight! Hope to see you in 2009 again! - Coni

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