Friday, January 4, 2008

My scrap-planner 2008

I saw some great scrapbooking-planners in the lastest edition of Creating Keepsakes-magazine. As soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to have one. :o) And the best part was that it is possible to download some beautiful planner-pages from their webside!

Last wednesday I read on Scrapfreak about the blog from Brenda Arnall. She felt the same way about the planner like I did. But she does something more! She created a planner of her own and designed calendar-pages, a starting page and a "remember"-page in the same style Creating Keepsakes did their pages. That is soooo cool! She also made it possible to download her pages for free! Thanks so much! :o)

So I started to work on my planner as soon as I was home! And this is what I did:

Close ups:

And here are some of the beautiful pages I downloaded:

I really like how it turns out! :o) And it was a possibility to use my Bind-it-all again. I really LOVE this tool! It´s so easy to use and you can do so many fun things with it!

For those who maybe want to create a scrap-planner of their own here are the links:
I´m going to plan my new year in this planner from now on and I´m really curious how it´ll look like when 2008 is over. I hope it´s filled with lots of ideas! Ans I hope most of the ideas are already done! ;o)
Have a great day! - Coni


{monica} said...

Your planner turned out beautiful!

My Paper World said...

Wow! It looks so pretty!