Monday, January 15, 2007

Crop and new color of hair

Last saturday I went to a crop and had so much fun! It´s always great to scrap with other people! We chated and laughed a lot. And I´ve done four new LOs done *whoohoo*

The first one is very simple. I love that overlay and think too much color, pattern or embellshments would be "too much".

After that Lo was done I wanted to do one with Winnie Pooh because I got some nice new Pooh Stickers and Rub Ons. While I search for the patternd paper I found these Disney papers. I´ve bought them a while ago. When I saw those Disneyworld pictures I prefere doing LOs with them :o)

The last one I did because another scrapper had this great snowflake-die from Quickutz:

I had so much fun! Can´t wait to do my next crop! Yesterday when we went shopping my boyfriend Andi and I talked about a new color of hair. What should I say? We spoke about it and maybe 2 hours later I had a new color of hair! :D
This is the way I look before I change it:

And after:
I´m not sure if I like it. I think I need to get used to it. I´ve been all kinds of blonde the last years...

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