Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back again!

I haven´t been blogging for a while so I think it´s time to do it! :o)

I used the last days to do some LOs and stamping-cards which I want to share with you.

First I could show you two of my new LOs. I don´t like the rainy dark weather here in Germany any more so I love to use spirng colors at the moment! That´s why I love the new Dollhouse-series by K&Company. I created a LO with one of my favourite childhood-pics:

I love this picture because of the blond curly hair. I look so girly on this picture. On most of my childhood-pics I look like a boy... ;o)

The other LO I did shows a photo of my family - just the girls. It´s my mom, my sister and me. There are just a few photos showing the three of us. That´s why I love this one. It´s from a vistit to the island Usedom last summer. It was very stormy that day but we had a great time!

I´v been doing some stamping-cards the last days. I love those cute little new bunny-stamps from House Mouse. And I wanted it to be spring! That´s why I made some sping and easter-cards.

I hope you like them! Have a great sunday!
EDIT: I just updated my webside! If you like you could always write a note to me in my guestbook or as a comment here! :o)

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