Friday, August 1, 2008


Alicia tagged me a while ago but it got lost a while. But here I am to answer all the questions! :o)

Ten years ago:
I was definatly younger! :o) I did the same job, just broke up with my boyfriend and lived on my own for the first time (I lived with my sister before). Honestly I don´t wanna go back! Just having a younger body would be nice. *lol*

Five things on today's to-do list:
Meeting dh
Drive with him to his parents in Duesseldorf for the weekend
Hopefully checking mails
Hopefully have a little nap in the car! ;o)

A snack I enjoy:
I just LOVE M&M peanut butter. Sometimes I´m sad they aren´t availible here in Germany but on the other hand this may be better for my body mass index!

Places I have lived:
Ok, I´m boring! I was born in Hamburg, Germany. I was raised here and I still live and work here. I don´t even moved to another part of my town. But hey: I love my hometown! It´s a woderful city everybody should see!

Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
Ok, I guess you mean when I´m REALLY rich!? I would buy a house (and someone else is doing the move for me!!!) and Andi would get his Mustang while I get a Renault Convertible. I would give my sister money and some of my friends too. And I would go on a long vacation with my parents. There are really BIG dreams I have but I will not talk about them because wishes don´t come true if you talk about them, right?

I guess everybody I know was already tagged. So I don´t tag anybody else. If you haven´t been tagged get it here and start answering the questions!

Have a great day! - Coni

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