Friday, July 25, 2008

I´m back!

The last weeks were very busy because Andi and I move to a new appartment. Wow I can´t tell you how much stuff we had and how much work the move was! I´m just tired now!!!
But now it´s finally done and I can´t tell you how happy that makes me! I promised myself not to move again soon! ;o)

We really love our new appartment. It has 3 1/2 rooms and is 101 m2 big. Every single room (including the kitchen) has access to a balcony and there´s a lot of light! The area we now live in is really beautiful. It´s green and quiete. A lot of our new bneighbors are ducks because there´s a small river next to our house.! ;o) That´s so different to where we´ve lived before. I need to get used to no noise! *lol*

Here are some pics of our new appartment.First our new living-room:

The new place to eat in the kitchen (we painted the walls lilac and I love it! Unfortunatly ma camara doesn´t...):

A room for our guests:

And finally my new creative area:

Now that everything´s done I wanna be creative again! I had a lot of ideas while we did the move. But sometimes it´s that when there´s time again all the ideas are gone. Di you know that feeling? I want to scrap and stamp again!!! And I need to visit some websites and blogs! Our internet wasn´t working so I couldn´t go online - even if I had a little time. So I´m back to cyber-space again too! *lol*

It´s great to be back! Have a great day!


Alicia said...

WOW!WOW!WOW! Your new home is so beautiful and I love MY room!!!! I am so happy for you and Andi and I glad the move is over and now you can both rest and enjoy your new home together!!!

Kate said...

Wow! It's gorgeous Coni! I LOVE those huge windows & all that light! Enjoy your new home & sit back & relax - Moving is quite the chore!

Michelle Cooney said...

Very modern and cool looking! I love it! And now for the fun part - creating in your new space!!

Suzy said...

That is such a nice place. I love the colors and how you are decorating. Love you scrap space to!

Lisa J. said...

Your new space is absolutely stunning! Love it Coni!

Melanie said...

Coni, I love this spot. You are going to love your new home!! It's stunning! Looks like you have a great view.