Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank you

How can shopping be so hard??? You should know that I LOVE shopping. But today after a day full of it I´m just tired! We are moving next month and just got the keys to our new appartment on thursday. So we searched for the paint and some furniture today. It was fun to decide what to buy but now my feet hurt and I don´t wanna do anything! I didn´t expect that! ;o) We decided to take the evening off and just relax. Tomorrow we´ll be going to start painting the walls. I guess I will be tired again in the evening! *lol*

I did this Stampin´Up!-card a few days ago. I really love the cardstock and the punches!

I saw a card on an US-blog and wanted to do that one but while I was doing it I changed more and more and now I think that it´s totally different! But that´s something I really like about creativity! You start with an idea and often end with something you didn´t except! And there are no rules so this is just ok! Ah, what a relaxing hobby in the world full of rules! ;o) Do you feel the same?

Have a great evening! - Coni


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Hi Coni, such a classy card love the papers you have used they go so well together.

My Paper World said...

It's gorgeous Coni! I really love Stampin up stamps! xx

Michele said...

Yes! I feel the same way about creativity! sorry your feet hurt but I want to see pictures of the painted walls (before & after please!)

Melanie said...

Great card!

Hey I've missed you at SL. Now I know, you've been shopping too much. haha Good luck with the moving process.

Kate said...

We miss you Coni! Hope all is going well with the move & you come let us know how it's going!