Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mega Scrap-a-Ganza

Last weekend I drove to Holland to join the Scrap-a-Ganza. It´s a huge scrapbooking-event in Europe (maybe the biggest one?).

After I had some healthy problems lately I was happy to go but wanted to do it as stressless as possible. So we leave early in the morning to have a lot of time for the 500 km drive. We arrived early and had a look at the area, the hotel and then checked in. We really had a GREAT weekend with TONS of inspiration!!!

We started with an album-track from Donna Downey. Since I started scrapbooking I love what she´s doing. Meeting her was one of my highlights this weekend. She´s really nice and funny! We had a great time in her class.

She taught a album about "A year in life" and the materials from Making Memories were really cute. I can´t show any of the LOs I did or the whole album because I didn´t get very far with this. There are 12 two-sided LOs to be done and there´s paint included. That´s why I still need some time.

After a short break for dinner I went to the next album-track taught by C.D. Muckosky. That girl is REALLY creative and lovely!!! We spend the first part with just some preparations for your album.

We worked the whole saturday morning on our stuff. It was a kind of freestyle-class. She didn´t told us what do do. We just got A LOT of materials and could do LOs for an album of our dearest memories. She showed all the LOs she does in her album. While everybody scrapped there was music in the classroom and everybody worked, chatted and sing along. Every once in a while C.D. explained some techniqhes to be more creative and spend less money. I need to say that her ideas were AWESOME. I really like her style but wasn´t sure if I could do so too. But with her around I thought I should give it a try! :o)

Here´s my first LO I did for my "Dearest honeymoon-memories":

Here´s are somes close-ups:

It was hard for me to do the title in my own handwriting but at least I wanted to try it. I´m not very satisfied with the result but it´s ok! I guess I´ll need to try this more often to be more satisfied. ;o) I couldn´t show more LOs because I just got one done! With all the handwriting, hand-sewing and paint I didn´t get more done. And I guess the album contains about 29 LOs! So I guess I´ll be busy to finish it!

After lunch my sister Carola and I went to the "Technique crazy"-workshop taught by Stacy Croninger. She´s from Paper Crafts-mag. I really love that mag!

We did four stamped projects. I just finished the two tags because I wanted to do some changes with the other ones.

The evening and sunday morning I spend doing workshops with Teresa Collins and Vicky Boutin. I really love what Teresa taught. I finished my two-sided LO but I still need to develope the pics. When I´m done I´ll show you. And I love the minialbum too. But there´s a little more work to finish it.

Vicky Boutin got some pre-cut kits for her classes. I was a little disapointed with her LOs but it wasn´t her mistake! If I just get some precut stuff and should do something with it it´s hard! And not all the included stuff really fits together I think. I´ll definatly do a class taught by her again because she´s so great (and her stuff usually is too!). And she promised to bring her own kits next time with uncut pages of patternd papers! ;o)

It was AWESOME to meet so many scrapbooking-celebs and I have to say that all of them were great! I just had the best time learning from them. I can´t wait to get there next year again! I still wanna learn some more and there are still some scrapping celebrities out there I wanna meet! :o)

Have a great day! - Coni


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Hello Coni, it was lovely to see all your photographs and I am so glad to hear you had such fun at the weekend. I love your LO.. it is stunning and beautiful work with the flowers and stitching. Hugs, Nikki x

Michele said...

Wow! fun weekend! I love Donna Downey! I am totally jealous. I hope you are doing better healthwise. I love all your cards and tags! Sounds like you will have lots of projects to keep you busy for awhile huh?