Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Meeting Lisa Bearnson

I´ve been to the Netherlands for a day of workshops. My sister Carola, my friend Nicole and I started early in the morning to go there and came back late at night (or early the next morning ;o) ). But we had a great day and that was worth all the sleep we missed and the long drive to get there!
First I had a workshop with the new stuff from Elsie Flannigan. I was a little disappointed because I didn´t like the colorcombination with red and light blue that much. But it was ok, because I wanted to try something new and that´s what I did! I think I mostly scrap a clean and simple way and Elsie´s stuff is just the opposit. ;o) Here´s my result:

I changed the LO a little and didn´t use the button- and other stickers we had been given. The stickers were pink and I don´t like to use pink with red. *brrr*
The next workshop was with Cosmo Crickets Souvenir-Line. I really love the stuff and the little folded album we made. Unfortunatly mine isn´t ready to show yet. I´m still looking fort he pics I wanna use. But I will show it when I´m done! :o)
My most important reason to go there was Lisa Bearnson. She hosted two workshops I visited. I liked her a lot! She is such a nice and friendly person! And the projects she made where great too! I loved that she told why she is scrapbooking and how to do the journaling. I´m always a little unsure what to write on my LOs. It was awesome for me to meet her! Maybe it´s crazy but I felt a little like a kid standing in front of santa clause! *lol* Maybe it´s because it isn´t usual in Germany to meet scrapbboking celebrities. ;o)

The first project she teached was a Filefolder named „My simple truth“. I´m not done with the journaling but I finished it at home and can show it. I will do the journaling later this week to comlete my project. Again I changed it a little.

The other workshop was an Album „About Me“. I loved the stuff we got to do it. It´s a complete Album with stuff to do 20 LOs! Mine isn´t ready but if you wanna see it you could see Lisas version HERE. Here sister was also there. She is a really nice person too and has an awesome handwriting! She wrote my name across the box of the album. I wish I could write and doodle like her!

We really had a great day and had a lot of fun! I´m sure I will not forget that day!
Last weekend I found some time to stamp a little and made some new cards:
This House Mouse-stamp I bought during my vacation to Florida. In the same shop I found another stamp. Although it´s really hot here in Germany lately I had to use it. :o)

Isn´t that little snowman cute? It really warms my heart! :o)
Have a nice day! - Coni


Anonymous said...

I love what you did Coni! It all looks fabulous and I'm so jealous that you got to meet Lisa B! BTW, I've tagged you on my blog. - Abby

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layout, file folder, & cards Coni!!! So so cool that you got to meet Lisa Bearnson!
I tagged you too! - Kate

Tamara said...

Um Coni.....what is this? Something Scrapbook related near here and no one told me about it? Girl, you better keep me informed next time! :D