Thursday, June 28, 2007


Ok, Abby and Kate just tagged me. They explained how it works: I have to post the rules (which I do right now *g*), write seven random things about me and then tag seven others to do the same. Then leave a comment in their blog that you have tagged them. Ok? :o)
So, here´s my list:
1. I would love to have a dog but unfortunatly I didn´t have enough time for it. :o(
2. I LOVE ice-cream!!! I couldn´t resist a cup - especially if it´s Ben & Jerrys! *yummi*
3. I like to write by hand... but I didn´t like my handwriting most of the times!
4. I went to summercamps every summer since I was 8 years old. Later I´ve been one of the leaders of those summercamps (till I was ~21 years old).
5. I would love to live in the United States for a longer time.
6. I adore x-mas and love to "deck the halls" to celebrate it!
7. My hair lookes like a lighting strikes me in the 80´s!
Ok, now I have to tag seven other persons but unfortunatly all people I know (writing english) already got tagged. :o( So here´s my shorter list: Michelle, Suzy, Denise and another Denise!
I joined a tagbook-swap and really had fun doing mine. I choose the theme "My garden" because I know that the person that got it is a big gardening-fan!

I did a card for another swap too that I would like to share because it´s the first card for a long time that I really like when it´s done! ;o)

I´ll do a workshopday next sunday and Karen Russell will be there to teach us. Another scrapbooking celebrity I got to know! *yeah* I like her work and I´m really looking forward to it. The LO we will do looks awesome! I´ll tell you about it!

Have a great day - Coni

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