Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back from Florida

Since a few days we are home again. We had a great vacation to Fort Lauderdale and I wish it would not have ended this fast!We had a room in a small hotel at the beach in Lauderdale-by-the-sea and really liked it. From our room we could see the beach and the ocean.

We went to the beach several times, laying in the sand or going for a walk. But we also did some trips. We went to Disneyworld for two days. The first day we were at Magic Kingdom to visit Mickey Mouse and his friends and the other day we went to see the Disney-MGM-Studios. Both days were wonderful and we had a lot of fun!

Another time we went to the Everglades to see some aligators. Unfortunatly we couldn´t see many of them because the water was high. But at least we saw a few ones. Here´s the proof:

We also enjoyed the trip because of the airboat we took to went into the Everglades. It was a lot of fun to nearly fly over the water! :o)
And we visited Miami too. We went to Bayside but I was very surprised to see Miami again. There are so many high buildings with condomniums build there and they are still building new ones! I was a little disappointed because I loved that Miami wasn´t doing that but now they do it more and more. :o( But we went to the Hard Rock-Café which was all the same and ate HUGE burgers *mjamm* :o)

I used our vacation to the states to visit some LSS and some of the big shops like Michaels oder AC Moore. It was great to have so much Scrapbooking-Stores around! Here in Germany there are just a few shops that sell Scrapbooking-stuff and they are far away! And I love to have the possibility to buy stuff at supermarkets like Walmart or Target. I wish I had this chance in Germany too...
We really loved our vacation and we are sure we´ll go there again! We love the landscape, the people and everything we saw!
I know I´m crazy but I scraped a little in Florida too. :D Here are two of the LOs I did there:

I will close for today with a picture of a sunrise from our hotelroom. Thanks to jetlag we were up very eary! ;o)

Have a great day! - Coni

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