Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A zoo-visit

The weather was so sunny last sunday that Andi and I decided to go to the zoo. I really like the zoo here in Hamburg. It´s a private one and they try to make it the best for the animals. :o)

I took a lot of pics. Here are just a few of them:

Andi love to feed the elephants. But because of the cold weather they were inside where it´s not possible to give them something. But he feeds this little guy:

This cute babygiraffe was just born in January and her parents protected her from all the visitors!

I LOVE flamingos! Don´t ask me why! It´s just this way. Their color is so beautiful! I hope I could see some of them in Florida again that don´t life in a zoo! :o)

I did two more LOs lately. The first one I did for the organization-class again. I started with the pics this time.

After trying different ways to get a LO done I know which is the easiest way for me. I like to start with the story than choose the pic, design, products and tools (in this order). I´m curious to see what this means for my new scrap-space! :o)

The other LO I did was for a challenge at Scraplove. The challenge was to scrap a day in you life. Since I never get a complete day in my life detailed written down I decided to scrap something that´s on my list every day: my pills for my thyroid. :o)

The title is "Every day" and the journaling is about my need to take the pills and that it´s usual and improtant for me to take them.

I did another wedding-LO yeaterday. I couldn´t take a pic because it was too dark but I´ll hope to show it tonight! :o)

Have a great day! - Coni


Jo said...

wow! fabulous photos!!

Suzy said...

That Zoo looks so nice. I love the giraffe photo!

Great LO's, love the carousel and carousel horse! They are one of my favorites!

delder21 said...

Love the zoo photos! Your carousel LO is gorgeous! Great Job! don't you hate it when you want to be creative and can't?