Monday, February 25, 2008


I promised some pics and I´m sorry it took so long to upload them!

We had a great time visiting Andis sister and her family in Austria! The landscape is really amazing and the weather was wonderful. We enjoyed sunshine every day!

When we flu over the Alpen the sight was so great! I love seeing the mountains. Where I live mountains are far away.

We spend a lot of time with the familie and chatted a lot. Andi really loves his sister and so they had to keep up with anything they didn´t talk about on the phone! ;o)

One afternoon we hiked a little. We went to the Hemmaberg (a nearby mountain) and had this faboulous sight over the landscape:

I was gald we could go most of the way by car because the rest of the way we went by feet was hard for us! I guess we need to do more sports - or even ANY sports!!! *lol*

We came to a church and this tree stands right next to it. It´s more than 1.000 years old! I love to see these old trees. Imagine all the stuff this tree has seen and hopefully will see!

When we went there the lights were fantastic and I took sooo many pics! I don´t only take pics from the landscape but some of dh, his sis and our niece too. I asked my sil if she could take one of Andi and me too. So here´s the proof we´ve been there together! ;o)

The evening before we went with bil to try archery (sp?). I´ve tried it once before but it was the first time for Andi. We had so much fun! Ok, we weren´t well but who asked? ;o) We had fun and I think it looks like we are knowing what we do, don´t we? *lol*

I took a LOT of pics while we were in Austria! My favorite "subject" was our adorable niece Lina. She´s such a cutie! It was just fun to play and be with her! This pic is one of my favorites:

I love being an aunt and hope to be a mom myself someday!

I couldn´t stand it and brought something to scrap with me. One morning I found some quiete time to do this mini-album with pics from about our trip to Fort Lauderdale last May. It´s nothing special because I just had some stickers but I like how it turned out

Am I the only one scrapping on vacation? Am I crazy, nuts or stupid??? Please tell me!

Have a great day everybody!


Melanie said...

Coni, Awesome pics of your vacation.

Sounds like a great trip.

Suzy said...

What fun pictures and beautiful landscape! Glad you had a great time.

Your album turned out adorable!

Andrea, said...

Looks like you had a great time and what fabulous photos

Jo Anne said...

Beautiful pics of Austria! I think you look natural with a bow and arrow in your hand! lol