Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My reorganized scrap-space

I did it!!! Today I can show you what I´ve done the last view weeks! I reorganized my scrap-space! Before I´ll show it I´ll show how it looks BEFORE:

When I saw the pics I didn´t realize how much stuff it was! Horrible!
I bought the book "The organized and inspired scrapbooker" by Wendy Smedley and Aby Garvey. I loved it at once! And I took the class at Big Picture taught by Wendy Smedley about the same toppic. I could tell ya: I love the way I got my new space! As I´ve told before we started looking at how we work and what inspires us.

When we came back from Austria we went to see Andis partents for the weekend. During this week I should have brought all of my stuff out of my space. So this is what I started that sunday evening. And it took till yesterday evening to sort out everything and put in in the new storage solution I decided to use. Nine days of sorting, baskets of waste and bringing up new storage and furniture! And I needed to go to work for four days last week too. If somebody would have told me how much work this would be I maybe wouldn´t have done this! *lol*

Ok, but now that my new space is up I so love it! Unfortunatly I didn´t find the time to "use" it but that´s what I´ll do this evening after work is done! :o)

Ok, and here it is:

We moved our desks to the walls. Mine is next to the bigger window now so I could use natural lights when I work (when it´s dark I use my daylight-lamp). And I have some space behind me so I could move! I regognize that I move often while I create and now there´s enough space for it. That´s why I left some space on the wardrobe next to my desk. I love working while I stand so I could use this space now. It´s a little higher than my desk and so my back wouldn´t hurt that much. I would love to have a "real" table to stand on but that´s one of my dreams for the future. :o)

In the wardrobe there are the tools I use. This way I couldn´t see them if I don´t want but they are easy to reach for. In the loading under my Cricut f.e. there´s all the stuff I need for it: bigger scraps of cardstock, cutting mats and replacement blades. The other loadings are filled with papers to stamp on, inkpads, paints, Bind-it-all-stuff etc.

On the other wall next to the door is my new shelf. I always wanted to have one of them and now I got it! Dh decided it´s perfect and that we need it! *lol*

In the dark basket on the top are all my unused mini-abums. Most of them are made of chipboard. I guess I like those a lot because there are a lot! ;o) I´m going to try to get them done one after another! :o)

Those boxes are filled with my rubber-stamps. I sorted them by company. That´s what I´ve done before and I like it. If I look for a stamp I thing about the company first.

There are the same boxes again for my embellishments. While trying to figure out how I work I realized that I mostly ever did my embellis at last and look for the colours I used in my project. So I now put all of them in boxes sorted by colour. I sorted them by type before but I realized that it took very long to find something and that I often forgot what I got. So now everything with the same colour is in one box: chipboards, ribbon, sticker, eyeltes, brads... It feels much better this way and I hope it´ll work as well as I hope! :o)

My papers are sorted new too. I did it by colours and some themes (like wedding ;o) or christmas). That was a lot of work! More than 50% of my papers didn´t find their way back in my space! And it´s the same with stamps, embellis and some tools! That was hard but it feels great now too! There is only stuff I love left in my space and I thing it´s still enough to scrap for a long time without the need to go shopping! ;o)

A little decoration is needed too! :o) It´s for my inspiration! That´s why I put this stuff next to my desk so I could see it everytime I sit down. I love the little snowman my sister Carola sew for me! And isn´t that mushroom-lady funny? And I put my "inspiration-board" right in front of me. I will put all stuff on it that bring up some ideas!

I also love to work with flowers and like to look at them. So they are in reach too. :o)

Another thing I did were this baskets. One basket contains my stickers and rub-ons that couldn´t go in any of my "colour-boxes". Sometimes I´m inspired just by looking at them! The other basket is for my journaling. I figured out that I often start my LOs with my story. So journling is very important to me. I got the idea for this basket in my class at BPS. It contains all of the stuff I could use for my journaling: chipboards, stamps, rub-ons, cardstock-boxes etc. I often forgot what stuff I have for this so I like to try it with all in one place.

The class isn´t over yet. But I couldn´t wait till it finished in the end of March. There was way to much chaos at home! We don´t have that much space and it makes me go crazy! I´ll see if I´m going to change some things this month thoughout the class. But as far as I´m done I LOVE my new space!!! :o)))

And tonight when I´m home from work I´ll "use" it for the first time! I can´t wait to sit down and start!

This was a very long post but I wanted to describe what I´ve done. And honestly I wouldn´t been finished now if my sweetheart wouldn´t have done it with me! Love ya!!! And my sister helped me too! Thanks to them and everybody that told me all the way that I shouldn´t give up! *hugs*

Have a nice day! - Coni


Anonymous said...

This looks absolutely wonderful Coni!!! So professional and very inspiring. Where did you get the book? I might need some help, lol.

Maybe you can give me some pointers? My space is so uninspiring and messy that I don't even want to be there sometimes. And it has so much potential! I have a big white wall I can do something with, but I don't know what.

Thanks for showing us. Hopefully you'll scrap and stamp more. Can't wait to see your new projects.


Jo Anne said...

I love your scrapspace!! I doubt you will be more creative though since you already do an awesome job with everything!!

antje said...

huuu wow, now that looks great now...guess I should go and get organized too,...rather than hanging in front of the computer ;-)

Paula said...

No matter where in the world you live, we all want a craft room! Yours is brilliant. I'm coming over to play - one day - LOL!

Lim said...

Your scrap-space is beautiful. I wish I can go and play right now there.. And the mushroom -lady... is so cool. Where do you find her?.
I love it!